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We are an internationally recognised CQC registered private medical clinic that specialises in delivering a patient-centred approach.  In order to improve physical and psychological well-being it is necessary to address the whole person, not just the medical condition.  Our mission is to deliver gold standard care in both diagnostics, using state of the art equipment, and revolutionary treatments that go above and beyond your typical medical therapies.  Our highly experienced and progressive team will provide realistic expectations and support you at every step of your journey with us.  Simplification and science meet to help you achieve your goals.

The primary focus of our clinic is addressing Testosterone Deficiency and prescribing Testosterone Replacement Therapy where indicated. It is not only important to have a comprehensive diagnostic work-up to accurately diagnose the condition, it is also important exclude possible reversible causes, as well as address lifestyle, nutrition and physical exercise, to potentially prevent you from needing to commit to what should be considered a lifelong therapy.  Safety and effectiveness are our prime goals.  We use the British Society for Sexual Medicine guidelines on Adult Testosterone Deficiency to ensure that we are both safe and effective. We take these guidelines and make them more effective with more thorough monitoring and more progressive treatment options.

In order to truly benefit from hormonal balance, you also need to address the fundamentals – lifestyle, nutrition and physical exercise.  Through our professional partnerships with SpectraCell, Cyrex, Philips, Inbody, Intravita and BPro, we break these areas down, quantify areas of strength that need consolidation, and identify areas of weaknesses that require improvement.  We will provide you with as much or as little support as necessary in helping you to attain sustainable change.

The Benefits Of Restoring Your Testosterone

Increased arterial elasticity and wall thickness
Improved blood pressure

Improved muscle mass
Improved lipid function
Reduced visceral fat mass
Increased insulin sensitivity and decreased insulin resistance
Improvement in mood, energy and sense of well-being
Improved liver function and decreased inflammation
Improved sex-drive and erectile function
Increased bone strength

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