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Dr Stevens clearly possesses a deep understanding and shares his expertise for the benefit of all.  
Kayleigh, 57 - April 2024

I was the typical menopausal, midlife lady – hot flushes, night sweats, unable to lose weight, tired, a little anxious, sometimes low in mood and a low libido.

So what changed? I finally took the decision to visit TMHC!

Not sure why it took me so long to do it. Dr Steven’s was very patient/professional and monitored my protocol closely. I no longer have ANY of the typical exhaustive list of menopausal symptoms.

I’ve lost 10% of my body fat, gained muscle, have much more energy, have a healthy libido and am happily confident in all aspects. Why wait and suffer when there is a healthy, professional solution that means every day you are the best version of yourself and who you could ever wish to be?

I would like you to thank Dr Stevens/Lydia and all his Team for their patience and determination to me win the battle and go for GOLD!

Darrin, 54 - March 2024

I was finally diagnosed with low testosterone levels in 2016, after years of requesting to be screened for it. After 6 years of peaks and troughs with creams, 2 week injections and then one every 12-16 weeks, I found The Men’s Health Clinic. I can honestly say their program has changed my life. The Gold Standard program is exactly that. No more ups and downs, just consistent levels that mimic the bodies natural production.

I am 100% a better husband, father and friend now. Which is all down to a team of people that are knowledgeable and actually care for their patients.

Gordon, 28 - March 2024

I arrived at The Men’s Health Clinic feeling lost, alone and broken. Four years later, I have no doubt that the care of Dr Stevens and the team has helped me to completely change the trajectory of my life. I can now function in day to day life like a normal person and I’ve never felt healthier.

The service is professional and absolutely gold standard. I would recommend anyone dealing with testosterone deficiency to book an appointment with The Men’s Health Clinic as a the first huge step in getting your life back.


Anonymous, 63 - Sept 2023
Anonymous, 53 - August 2023

Dear Dr. Rob, Lydia & Team TMHC,

I hope this letter finds you all well. I am writing to inform you that I have decided to transition all medical care to my private doctor who will be overseeing my TRT moving forward.  The decision is based on the stability of my protocol, and financial & logistical reasoning.

With this transition, I would like to formally request a copy of my patient files and any other relevant medical records that I am entitled to under the Data Protection Act. Having access to these records will be instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition and will allow my existing doctor to have a comprehensive understanding of my medical history and the treatments I have received under your care.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care and support you have provided me over the past four years, particularly with my TRT therapy. Your expertise, dedication, and ethics around treatment have had a profound impact on my health and confidence in the quality of care in an area many others exploit.

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Conor, 47 - July 2023

I came to Dr Stevens about two years ago with low testosterone, low mood and pretty much all of the hallmark symptoms.  This was after having a varicocele embolisation about three months previously, which had rectified a varicocele that I had for about 30 years.

My wife and I had been trying for a baby throughout our marriage and been unsuccessful.  At that time we had been married 16 years.  I started my treatment after the initial face to face consultation.  Almost immediately I felt better, better in myself, more positive, more energy.  I was also a lot less moody and took the majority of things in my stride.  My bodyfat reduced significantly with no other lifestyle changes and with some adjustments to my diet I went from a BMI of 32 down to 24 (this took about 18 months).  As things were going so well we decided to try for IVF.  We were told by the NHS that there was no chance at all of us having children and we were not eligible for IVF.  My sperm morphology was all wrong and my wife had a low egg count, it didn’t make financial sense to go forward with the treatment for the NHS.  I was 45 and my wife 37, we decided to give up and just get on with life.

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David, 53 - June 2023

So, after what seemed like a lifetime walking in the dark and trying to find something or someone to help, I found The Men’s Health Clinic.

Obviously the bloods were taken and results came back. I was instructed on my protocol and have followed diligently since then. I’ve had my reviews at my periodic points and little alterations have been made.

I’m not here to say “That’s it, I’m done. I’m cured”. More that at each stage, I have arrived at Doctor Rob and the team have had points that get me to the next stage in my development.

I’m at the end of my second week on my CPAP machine and again, I feel almost emotional when I say that my trust in the advice from the Doctor has been rewarded again. I’m still getting used to wearing the mask, but my closures have been monitored by the NHS and I’ve gone from eight closures an hour while asleep, to one.  Needless to say, I feel much more rested and more equipped to face the day.

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Julian, 66 - June 2023

Can a 66 feel like a 46 year old? You may think this is an absurd proposition but I do…

I had a very stressful career and by 50 was suffering from hypertension, was a little overweight and drinking to wind down at the end of every stressed day. I slept badly and felt in physical decline – gaining fat, losing muscle. Libido departing too.

After a long marriage my wife started getting sick with what was later diagnosed as a terminal brain disease. It took my attention from work – naturally as I became a carer – and was a depressing and sad time. My GP was sympathetic but unwilling to give me testosterone supplements, telling me “you’re in the low but normal range…”.  Then I had a bad accident and tore my right shoulder apart. The loss of strength had made the joint weak and vulnerable.  Major surgery followed and recovery was slow. I felt old.

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Kieren, 43 - Oct 2022

Before visiting THMC, for the past 6 or 7 years, I had been assured on many occasions by medical professionals including my GP, a urologist, an endocrinologist and a sexual therapist, that there was nothing physically wrong with me.  Although I wasn’t experiencing a lot of the common effects of low testosterone, such as fatigue and negative mental health, I had all but given up on the prospect of having a physical relationship again.  Not having the ability to perform sexually, forced me to compromise my lifestyle.  At 43 years old, this wasn’t ideal…

It wasn’t until I investigated the possibility of TRT that it became apparent that my problem may have stemmed from something that none of the above mentioned ‘Specialists’ even thought necessary to explore.

After an initial telephone consultation with Dr Stevens, it was agreed that bloods would be taken to establish if TRT would be an appropriate way forward.

The results established that my free testosterone was sitting around the average levels for a man in his 70s or 80s!

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Rupert, 42 - March 2022

I just wanted to drop you a note doc to say I’ve been feeling fantastic the last 10-12 weeks. I truly feel optimised and understand what optimised means now.

My sleep is great, my recovery is great after intense exercise, my libido is back but the part I love the most, is I’m no longer needing mid day power naps.  I used to start the day well but fade by middle of the afternoon, lacking concentration and after a short snooze, I would be good for the late afternoon/early evening. Now I just power through it with ease. I’m getting way more stuff done at work but also with my family on weekends.

Thanks for helping me unwind the years and giving me a full tank of fuel to enjoy every day. My wife is enjoying having ‘the old you’ back. She says I’m no longer as tired or grumpy.

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Steven, 40 - Oct 2021

I have been a patient of Dr Stevens for a number of years and I have found him to be consistently caring and attentive. He offers insightful experience and knowledge at each appointment.  Being under his care has been most reassuring.

Russell, 48 - Sept 2021

I had been struggling with a decline in my energy levels, anxiety, libido and fat gain for many years. During this period, I had looked at every part of my life to try and improve my health, from the gym to personal development. I got more and more into fitness, thinking I wasn’t doing enough, I did slim down but it was a massive struggle to maintain a normal life, work, marriage, kids and going to the gym.  There was little reward.  I really struggled with why this was the case, I was eating healthy, had given up drinking, I meditated, practised yoga, but the symptoms still remained and got worse over time. I would suffer from tension-type headaches due to anxiety and stress.  All of it was a cycle of ill-effects causing many symptoms.

I went through the NHS, tried antidepressants, beta blockers but none of it touched the symptoms. I had bloods done by my then doctor, who said my hormone levels were too low, so sent me to a Urologist. He dismissed me straight away and said it was all in my head.  My levels were at the bottom of the scale, others were way over, and that was fine for him.  Not for me though, so I went to the The Men’s Health Clinic and became a patient of Dr Stevens.  It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.  I no longer suffer from the symptoms of low testosterone, I feel better than I have ever in my life.

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Edward, 30 - August 2021

Two years ago I was diagnosed with an Auto Immune disease that presents itself / closely resembles Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve taken multiple drugs to treat this disease.  To put my condition into perspective I went from running 3 5ks a week, gym x5 days a week, rugby, kickboxing and football to not being able to dress myself or walk. The condition totally exploded and just tore through me and I’ve had to relearn everything from walking onwards over the last year and a bit.

I started looking into TRT as the last part of what I think was a missing puzzle piece to level out the playing field.  Coupled with the autoimmune disease I also had all of the symptoms of low Testosterone – erectile dysfunction, brain fog, weight gain, depersonalisation, depression etc. There is some evidence and studies that link low Testosterone levels to inflammatory diseases, so when I had my disease relatively under control I added in the TRT through TMHC.

I started treatment with TMHC 6 months ago.  Since starting TRT my RA symptoms have decreased substantially, I am now only on 2 treatments vs the several before the TRT and the condition is still improving.  Alongside this all of the traditional low testosterone symptoms disappeared as well.

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Anonymous, 28 - July 2021

After years of suffering through brain fog, very low libido and low mood, I started researching what the cause might be. It turned out these are all common symptoms of testosterone deficiency. This resulted in me taking several bloods throughout 2018, as well as reviewing tests from previous years, it turned out I’ve lived with the testosterone levels of an 80 year old man for years. This led me onto a long-winded path through both the public and the private health care systems in Norway, of which none could give me a reassuring answer as to the cause of my symptoms. However, instead of treating the low testosterone, pretty much all of them offered me antidepressants. Me being a 25 year old man, having the testosterone of an 80 year old, wasn’t even a consideration. The reasoning: I was within the reference range (despite half of the tests yielded levels even below the lower limit of the range).

Hence, I decided to look abroad for solutions. I found TMHC most promising, as they differentiated themselves from the “cookie cutter” online services. I therefore contacted them, and quickly got a Skype consultation with Dr. Robert Stevens, where we went through my lifestyle and medical history. As he explained, the vast majority of my lifestyle choices substantiated healthy male androgen levels, and he therefore invited me to come visit his clinic for a more comprehensive consultation and evaluation.

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Oliver, 35 - May 2021

I am forever grateful to Dr Robert Stevens and his team at ‘The Men’s Health Clinic’ for what they  have done for me. I was on antidepressants for 3 years and as a result I developed numbness in my testicles very quickly, which caused my sex drive to almost disappear. I believe this caused me to have low testosterone as a result.

After stopping the anti depressants for 4 years I still wasn’t back to myself. I spent those 7 years living with extreme anxiety and was out of work for five of them. I was having suicidal thoughts on a regular basis. I contacted Dr Stevens after reading about low testosterone and anxiety. I also had other symptoms which were tiredness, low sex drive and my muscles weren’t recovering as they should after training. He wanted to make sure that I was sure about the treatment and asked me to take a mineral called Boron for 4 weeks first, followed by another blood test.

This showed me how much I could trust him as he wasn’t trying to get me to sign up to anything. I have now been on TRT for 9 months and it has changed my life in all of the above mentioned areas, my anxiety is 90 percent gone.

They have saved my life and I will never forget it. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thank you to Dr Robert Stevens and the team at The Men’s Health Clinic.

Robert, 31 - Feb 2021

First the thank you… 5 months in, I can honestly say finding yourself and TMHC and the knowledge you guys have has changed my life for the positive.

I no longer get irritated by silly things, very very rarely get low moods now which were frequent, my whole mindset is better and I am so much happier. The fat is now coming off easily, as I have the mind set to adhere, previously I would do well then eat my emotions and ruin all my work, that is no longer an issue. I am now a far happier and positive person, and feel a lot healthier in general. Thank you!

Peter, 27 - Dec 2020

I would like to thank Dr Stevens.  The new protocol change and addition of B12 and Tadalafil has changed me for the better.  I also been off drugs and even alcohol since our last Skype call.

My hair is thicker, I’ve got a beard (no more baby face) and my abs are back.  I am running 30km per week and do loads of body weight exercises.  I’ve also been following a low carb diet, supplementing with Vitamin D3 + K2, Zinc and Omega 3’s, but I still see loads of room for improvement.  I also seen a pattern in each dosage change; whenever I see thick facial hair growing, it usually means that I am feeling the therapy better and my mind feels more quiet. Whenever my facial hair stops growing and I get a baby face, I usually feel sluggish.

I still feel like am detoxing from the crap I put in my body a few months ago, but the B12 has helped with energy and for sure my nervous system feels more stable.  I will do my blood tests after Christmas and see where I stand then.  I still experience some joint pains and slow recovery but I have started believing again that time and discipline will help me to achieve my goals.

Andy, 49 - Dec 2020

Jason, 49 - Dec 2020

My continued journey with TMHC has been one, where I continue to get to know a new version of myself. I’m fundamentally still me but I’m definitely improved and continue to do so. I’ve come off of anti depressants. This was a real milestone for me, after being on them for a number of years.

I face challenges with a far more positive outlook than I previously did, prior to starting this journey. I still have days when I’m tired and I still get fed up but it’s a passing cloud, as opposed to storm that lasts for days, which my former self would experience.

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Paul, 57 - Dec 2020

Anonymous, 27 - Oct 2020

With the help of The Men’s Health Clinic, I found out I had been living my life with an undiagnosed Primary Hypogonadism. This means my body has never been able to produce the optimum amount of Testosterone.

Pre-TRT, life was a myth, I had little to none in motivation. I was drifting through life in a constant roller coaster of ups and downs with a few rock bottoms at some points. I had been to various GPs who always put it down to depression and sent me away with anti-depressants.

I have been on TRT since July ’20, it has only been 4 months and my life has never been better. I’m seeing benefits from exercise that I have never seen before and I’m bouncing back from injuries a lot quicker. The most important aspect for me has been the mental benefits, my symptoms of depression and anxiety have dropped considerably and are now almost non-existent. I have a positive outlook on life and I’m driven to achieve the things I’ve always wanted to do.

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Tom, 30 - Oct 2020

I just wanted to say Dr Stevens has given me my life back.

There are many reasons why someone may experience symptoms of testosterone deficiency and, in my incidence, an inclusion of additional symptoms like depersonalisation, loss of identity as myself and my sense of well-being being an all time low.

Dr Stevens is forth coming and direct about your treatment. This shows his passion and genuine desire to help. Yet he is understanding, warm, extremely knowledgeable and will take the time to detail all aspects of your care and has an answer for all your inevitable questions.

While TRT is the starting place, Dr Stevens sees this as merely a tool. What I think Dr Stevens strength is, aside of his forward thinking nature to his ‘gold standard’ care, is his genuine holistic approach to your overall health.  Nutrition, lifestyle medicine, mindset, and relevant adjunct therapies to support your journey to normality again.

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Sam, 23 - August 2020

My issues with testosterone started in 2018 during my third year of university. I felt increasingly tired, being able to sleep after having two cups of coffee, and I had erection issues. At the time I put this down to the stress of writing my third-year thesis however my symptoms remained during my summer. I decided to visit my NHS GP who ran a blood test which revealed that I had low testosterone and extremely low SHBG. This was confirmed by a second blood test and my GP referred me to an endocrinologist for further investigation. It was noted that I may have a rare genetic disease which causes my SHBG to be so low. After researching Testosterone Replacement Therapy I had read the horror stories of NHS so I narrowed my private options, as a back-up, down to The Leger Clinic and The Men’s Health Clinic.

The NHS endocrinologist I saw was the most experienced in the hospital with many years of experience. He decided run a third blood test to confirm that my testosterone and SHBG were low and that was it until our next appointment.

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Anonymous, 37 - April 2020

I have had weight fluctuations since June 2018 but my physical and psychological symptoms really came to a head around 6-9 months ago.

I started having real trouble with lack of energy, being easily fatigued. A loss of mental clarity both at work and at home. I lost all libido and had issues with ED. I was also having trouble with my mood, being low some days, snapping aggressively on others and sometimes getting upset. I really suffered with terrible sleep.

As I work in medicine I had a stereotypical “I can fix myself attitude”. I took my own bloods via medichecks and found that I had low T.

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Anonymous, 30 - Feb 2020

For most of us, TRT is not a walk in the park. You will have to make several adjustments to your protocol before you actually start getting what you want. But, is it worth it? Absolutely.

For some time before starting TRT I was not feeling myself. I had lost my energy, my drive and my confidence and was feeling anxious and depressed. As many of us with the same symptoms, I was put into antidepressants…  But It was not until I started TRT that I really began getting my life back.

I feel calm and confident, I feel energetic and I feel ready to handle any problem that life throws at me. The benefits have been substantial at work, at the gym, with the ladies… I just feel amazing!

Patrick, 41 - Jan 2020

Having been a patient of The Men’s Health Clinic for 13 months now, I am delighted with the care and advice they have provided throughout my TRT journey.  The team are unwaveringly helpful, always rapid to respond to any queries I have had, and it is great to see them growing. For example I found the recent article, about the importance of maintaining healthy E2 levels particularly pertinent, and it helped me discuss the issue at the last appointment.  Additionally, the Body Composition Analysis is a great way of seeing how your body is changing; Hannah provided me with a detailed explanation of each section of the results and gave tips on improving my overall health further.

Thank you to Dr Rob, Lydia, Hannah and all at TMHC and keep up the great work.

Anonymous, 38 - Jan 2020

I don’t think i have ever written a review about anything in my life, because I think good service and good conduct should be the norm, in any human interaction or service. But when the service is beyond exceptional, life changing, and beyond measure, the least one could do is write a few words of gratitude.

I would wholeheartedly say I have received, and had nothing but, the best experience with The Men’s Health Clinic. The exceptional quality of care, the expertise and sincerity of Dr Stevens, coupled with the conduct and knowledge of the entire team, I can only truly say this practice is at the highest echelon of what health care should be.

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Faisal, 30 - Dec 2019

I’m heading into my 5th month on TRT and HCG protocol and can quite honestly say this has changed my life around.

A bit about me: I had just turned 30, never been overweight, always tried/ lived a drug free healthy life, never smoked or had a drink either. I was somewhat of a naturally “athletic” kid and been into fitness and exercise from the age of 12-13.

Anyway… ever since I turned 18 I have always been lethergic, no energy, lacking motivation, no drive etc and overall having a brain fog, feeling depressed and suffering from anxiety. I approached my GP on a number of occasions to have blood tests done as something wasn’t right but always got told the results are fine and everything is in range.

Still I have dabbled in and out of exercising my entire 20s, but I’d just throw in the towel from the lack of progression and giving into fatigue due to slow recover.

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Jason, 48 - Dec 2019

My TRT journey resulted in my exploration as to why I was experiencing symptoms of anxiety, low mood, and what I perceived to be low grade depression. It felt as though I’d had the fight taken out of me. I was suffering with low motivation, and had a general disconnect with the wider world.

I discovered TMHC through my own research around possible TRT providers.  As I quickly learnt that hormone replacement therapy for men is a minefield. TMHC are in the Goldilocks zone of male hormone health care, sandwiched between a woeful NHS and unscrupulous organisations, only interested in making money, as opposed to genuine treatment.

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William, 23 - Nov 2019

Since I’ve been under TMHC’s care, they have made more of a difference in just a few months, compared to years under the NHS.

TMHC have helped me get my confidence back and i’m now in a happy, loving relationship, with a MUCH better quality of life, something I could not have imagined previously.

The Endocrinologist I was under was prescribing Nebido, which did not help me at all due to its peaks and troughs. Yet they continued to prescribe the same. I luckily managed to find TMHC online, and since day one Dr Stevens and his team have been so helpful. Prompt replies, excellent care, and outstanding service. TMHC’s team have seriously helped my life in so many ways.

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Rami, 38 - Nov 2019

I had been researching TRT in the UK for a few years before finally booking in to see Dr Stevens at the Mens Health Clinic in Poole. The reason I chose to go with TMHC and not another TRT practitioner is because the vast amount of information and guidance made available by Dr Stevens is second to none.

I have suffered for years with depression, anxiety, low mood, ED, and a host of other problems. My GP always tried to get me to take antidepressants, anti anxiety medication, etc. None of which ever worked. I even went to talking therapies to try and fix my issues as they were ruining my relationships and no one seemed to know how to help. Even when I got my GP to test my testosterone levels and they came back at the low end of the spectrum, the GP said the NHS is not up to date with their testosterone replacement therapy and only offer it to men with the testosterone levels of an 80 year old, which is basically what I had.

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Steve, 38 - May 2019

I had heard about Testosterone Replacement Therapy for several years on youtube and health forums but presumed I would have to travel to New York or Harley Street to get a decent level of service. These forums talked about “blood work” and finding a doctor who understands how to design the best protocol.  The administration of hormones via a needle is a daunting and nerve-wracking prospect.

On meeting with Dr Stevens, I found him to be someone who I could talk to honestly about the effects of aging and the challenges of being a man in the modern era. In my twenties, I had felt invincible but as the bald patch had spread a little bit of life force had slipped every year after around the age of 27/28.

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Abdullah, 24 - May 2019

I started my journey with testosterone therapy exactly one year ago, at 23 years old.  I suffered from most of the symptoms; low energy, fatigue, my libido was sub-par.  I was tired even with over 8 hours of sleep a night, but those symptoms were not the ones that got me to investigate further, it was the depression, anxiety and a confidence drop which lead me to a very dark place, I lost all hope until I started digging.

I educated myself on testosterone and testosterone therapy and everything around it.  I listened to podcasts, read books, watched videos and researched online as much as I could.  I went through 8 different doctors who refused to prescribe me, or even asses me due to my levels being within range, but no where near where they should be for my age.  All my symptoms were ignored, I was told by multiple doctors that “it was all in my head,” I left doctors offices feeling insulted, with my last words to them being “go f*** yourself”.

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Adam, 36 - May 2019

I have only been with TMHC for 6 months, but my TRT journey is now in its 6th year and I can honestly say for the first time I actually feel like the future is bright.

I could write for a long time about how the NHS failed me, even a private Endo felt that a reading of 4.9 nmol/L following up by 7.6 was perfectly normal for a man of 29 but what I really want to stress is that even when you do realise there is help out there, that all is not as it seems.

Dr Stevens is actually the first Dr I have been under the full-time care of. Prior to this, I had experience of two ‘Providers’ and I use that term because that is exactly what they were. It would not be appropriate for me to discuss in detail about other people here but I can talk with experience when I say that the level of care you will receive with TMHC does not even deserve to be compared.

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Russ, 46 - April 2019

I had been struggling with a decline in my energy levels, anxiety, libido and fat gain for many years. During this period, I  had looked at every part of my life to try and improve my health, from the gym to personal development. I got more and more into fitness, thinking I wasn’t doing enough, I did slim down but it was a massive struggle to maintain a normal life, work, marriage, kids and going to the gym  There was little reward.  I really struggled with why this was the case, I was eating healthy, had given up drinking, I meditated, practised yoga, but the symptoms still remained and got worse over time. I would suffer from tension-type headaches due to anxiety and stress.  All of it was a cycle of ill-effects causing many symptoms.

I went through the NHS, tried antidepressants, beta blockers but none of it touched the symptoms. I had bloods done by my then doctor, who said my hormone levels were too low, so sent me to a Urologist. He dismissed me straight away and said it was all in my head.

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David, 34 - Feb 2019

Thanks to Dr Robert Stevens and 3 month of his gold standard treatment i finally feel human again!

Prior to this I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and dysfunctional gastric syndrome by NHS specialists and told I did not need hormone treatment, 3 month with Dr Stevens the fibromyalgia and dysfunctional gastric syndrome is gone.

Ali, 34 - Oct 2018

I realised how caring Dr Stevens was even before my first consultation when he had to support me through the side effects of my previous NHS protocol and guide me through an unbearable storm of suffering just to reach the starting point with him.

During my first consultation he immediately put me at ease, made me laugh out loud, reassured me, designed an individualised plan of action that met my specific needs and explained each step of the journey ahead in remarkable detail.

Whenever I was in doubt or struggling, he was extremely responsive to any issues that needed to be resolved. You are not left hanging or abandoned as part of The Men’s Health Clinic, instead given swift and effective support whenever a need arises.

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Joe, 22 - Sept 2018

Having spent 2 years with my NHS Endocrinologist, only to end up complaining to PALS, I decided that enough was enough. I caused my own case of mixed primary/secondary hypogonadism; it was clear I would not recover fully. I had low testosterone for years. I needed a Doctor who would follow what the guidelines say, and who cares about his patients. That’s why I went through with TMHC, after finding them on Excelmale.

I am very pleased I met Dr. Stevens and am under his care. He is knowledgeable, both clinically and scientifically, and is very honest and open about a subject that had become a 2-year long nightmare for me. He absolutely cares about his patients and tailors accordingly to individual needs, and his treatment is indeed effective and safe. He wants to ensure that I meet healthy levels with regard to my blood markers. It is clear that the health and well-being of his patients is paramount to him.

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Alex, 36 - Sept 2018

I first heard about TMHC at the start of 2018 on a fitness forum, where people were discussing the lack of support for men with low testosterone levels. Dr Stevens and TMHC were mentioned several times as the best private clinic to visit.

Initially I was very nervous about booking an appointment due to my low testosterone levels being caused by steroid use in my 20s. However, after my initial consultation, all my worries were laid to rest. Dr Stevens is both professional and courteous and a very rare breed of Dr in this day and age, as he actually sat and listened to me and I left the appointment feeling that someone actually cares about my health and well-being.

All of my appointments since have been of the same high standard and both Dr Stevens and Lydia are always on hand to address any concerns that I or any of their other patients may have.

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Anonymous, 48 - Sept 2018

As a patient of Dr Robert Stevens, I would like to add my comments for anyone interested in the service, both he and his staff provide at The Men’s Health Clinic.

Firstly, I have conducted numerous research and consulted other professionals in the realm of TRT. Some have been very helpful in terms of confessing a lack of competence in this area and others (although maybe competent) I’ve found to not very informative and very hard to connect with/reach out to.

Dr Stevens is extremely careful in his approach and considers a wide variety of variables and safe practices that makes you feel involved and part of the process.  I’ve found them highly tuned in to me as a client and not only effective in determining and adjusting processes but very conscientious in regards to what they provide.

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Gavin, 47 - Sept 2018

After around three years of attempting to get suitable treatment elsewhere, I came across the TMHC online and emailed Dr Stevens.  His reply was very quick (this remains the case every time I contact him) and it was clear he was not only exceptionally well versed in the latest treatment options, but his passion for his business was obvious.

I’m very happy to say I have now met Dr Stevens and I am now under his care. He was very professional but immediately made me feel at ease talking about a somewhat uncomfortable subject.

My journey has only just begun but I feel for the first time in years, I’m heading in the right direction and that my health and well-being could not be in safer hands.  I would highly recommend the TMHC to anyone who feels they may require treatment and is looking for clear professional advice and a great service.

Matthew, 40 - Sept 2018

Feeling increasingly tired and demotivated, and with blood test results showing low to borderline testosterone levels, I wasted time visiting other doctors, and eventually made the effort to visit Dr Stevens a few weeks ago.

I found him to be friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. His common sense approach was what I had been looking for and I have already begun to feel significantly better. I would highly recommend TMHC as the first port of call to any man with concerns regarding their hormonal health and does not wish to simply accept tolerating a decline in their quality of life.

Mark, 36 - Sept 2018

I have been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of care from Dr Stevens and The Men’s Health Clinic. They offer bespoke care, centred directly around a patient’s needs and are very knowledgeable about treatment options. Dr Stevens experience and expertise in the field of HRT is exceptional.

At the Men’s Health Clinic they also go above and beyond, to provide you with practical advice on the safe and effective administration of medication, as well as advice on obtaining the correct medical supplies. You feel supported at every step, which is so important.

Peter, 46 - Sept 2018

I’ve been a patient of theirs for a short period of time. I have spent a few months asking questions and have found their staff to be conscientious, caring, knowledgeable and a great source on information in matters relating to my hormonal health.

I would recommend TMHC to any man that is serious about seeking professional guidance in matters of hormone health as relates to optimal health overall.

Anonymous, 44 - Sept 2018

At the beginning of 2018, I had been given the details of The Men’s Health Clinic. I emailed them straight away and because of past experience with another Clinic or Facilitator, I wasn’t expecting such a responsive genuine reply so soon. Appointment was made to go to the Poole and my mind was made up, these were the people I would be going with.

This isn’t a quick fix or a ‘get well in a week taking a couple of pills’, this is a commitment for life and without even meeting Dr Stevens, I knew he had my best interests at heart. This is way more than a business to him. Fair to say, due to my symptoms I was edgy, questioning and pretty concerned. Dr Stevens always took my calls, replied to emails and explained everything with no questions asked. I hadn’t even been to see him yet!

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Alen, 60 - Sept 2018

I was starting to display some of the symptoms of low testosterone about a year ago, however I did not suffer with depression or brain fog. I had bad ED, lacked motivation, lacked self-confidence, little libido and was starting to put on a pound or two.

I had a couple of appointments with my GP, but on both times, they were pretty dismissive that it could be hormone levels, they did do blood tests on both occasions but failed to do a hormone profile.  I guess the NHS has bigger fires to fight than put a 60-year-old on TRT, so when my GP gave me a card with details of a Psychiatric Consultant, I gave up.

After a consultation and two blood tests, my testosterone level was found to be way below the accepted minimum.

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Patrick, 24 - Sept 2018

I first came to see Rob in early 2018. I had been diagnosed with low testosterone by the NHS and had started treatment with them. After months of treatment on testosterone gel, my levels had barely gone anywhere and I was still below the normal range. I was offered testosterone Nebido but was not confident in the effect it would have. This is when I decided to make an appointment with The Men’s Health Clinic and come to see Rob after discovering him on an online testosterone replacement therapy group on Facebook.

I was 24 years old and my levels had been fluctuating between around 3.5 and 8nmol/l which is very low, especially for my age. After around 4 weeks of treatment with Rob on Testosterone Enanthate and HCG, my levels rose to around 47nmol/l. That was an incredible turnaround. Ever since then, we have been working together to dial those levels back down towards a normal range and they are now at around 36 nmol/l, which although is slightly above the normal range, my free testosterone is brought back into the normal range by my SHBG levels.

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Chris, 30 - July 2018

Top marks given, I owe a lot to you guys.  I went from struggling to stay focused with daily tasks and neglecting my business, to thriving and achieving more.

James, 34 - June 2018

I have been very impressed with the service I have received from The Men’s Health Clinic and would highly recommend them. The staff are friendly and professional and really go the extra mile for their patients. I have received personalised and attentive care from the clinic and whenever I have a question they respond thoroughly and promptly.

Patrick, 24 - March 2018

I had had low testosterone for over a year and was seeing a consultant on the NHS for the problem.  After a number of months on treatment, my T levels had not changed on the Testogel I had been prescribed and I was offered Nebido.  Some people work well with this, however, a lot of feedback from people with experience in using it was that it did not work well for them.  I was part of an online forum for guys suffering with the same issues and on there, I found Dr Stevens.  His knowledge of this area is very good and it is comforting to know you are getting help from a qualified doctor.  He is there to answer questions whenever you have them and is always available to help.  The treatment is tailored to each individual to get the levels right and you are monitored well.  Recommended!’

Mark, 58 - Dec 2017

I am 58 and have been a patient of Dr Stevens for about a year.

My story is apparently like so many men of my age, a perceived gradual drift downhill of apparently age related symptoms. Over the previous 2 years prior to beginning treatment with Dr Stevens I experienced diminishing energy levels , often falling asleep in the evenings, was gradually losing body strength and muscle mass and gaining body fat instead. Focusing at work was becoming ever difficult, on occasion struggling to get a physical and mental grip on tasks that had previously been almost second nature.

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Alan, 53 - Nov 2017


Although I am sure that my condition was gradually worsening over several years, at around the age of 50 all the classical signs of low testosterone accelerated quickly. It was so noticeable and I felt I was aging so quickly that I thought that I had a life changing illness.  People I knew were saying I looked older. I felt older. I had aches and pains. I was getting softer and fatter. I had no energy, felt depressed and grumpy and I was seriously under performing in the bedroom.

I went to my Doctor and he took me seriously. I had a barrage of tests and examinations which produced no answers.  I broached the subject of low testosterone and although my Doctor was not overly enthusiastic he ordered the test and it came back as very low but within the normal range.  As far as my Doctor and the NHS were concerned, normal was normal and that was the end of that.

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Anonymous, 29 - Oct 2017

After spending my early 20’s experimenting with the gym and some products that I shouldn’t have, I found myself completely shut down by the age of 25.

My relationship suffered the most as I had no desire or ability. I was always tired and fatigued, felt weak and down which is the complete opposite of my personality. Finally I was recommended Dr. Stevens. He was like an answer to my prayers after 4 years of trying absolutely everything from going to my GP (who didn’t want to know) to even being hypnotised. After my initial consultation and blood test he very quickly identified the issue and along with it, a solution. Explained it all in a manner that I could understand and process. Didn’t make me feel worse like my GP did.

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Chris, 39 - Oct 2017

I feel amazing, my quality of life has improved 100%.  I cannot thank you and Dr Stevens enough, you have literally given me my life back!  So please accept the following testimonial with my gratitude…

I am a 39 year old father of three, I have been active all my life, involved in many different sports since the age of 16 – competitive powerlifting,martial arts and various other contact sports – always active and always training for something.  About a year or so ago, I noticed that i was starting to run out of energy by the middle of the week and found myself getting up each day with a mental fog and generally just having no motivation.  Naturally I went to my GP where i was told it was just wear and tear after years of training and basically told to slow down!  At the time I was almost 38 years old and yet the way I felt, was so exhausted all the time.  Then I began to not sleep properly and even worse began to experience a drop in my libido which started to cause a few issues with my wife which caused me to fall into a little bit of a depression.

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Michael, 37 - Sept 2017

I’m a 37 year old male and over the last few years I’ve noticed a gradual decline in a few key aspects of my life.  I went through many relationships where my performance came into question, had problems with impotence which made me quite depressed and anxious.

After about 2 years of being afraid of getting into situations where I knew I had a problem I decided to get myself checked out at a private clinic and with the NHS.  My testosterone came back “in range” yet on the low end (maybe for a 65-70 year old man) but the NHS would tell me I’m “normal”.  I knew something was amiss.  I was at a wits end and was going to go the underground route to see if that would help.

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Jevan, 27 - August 2017

For all that are considering TRT and not sure weather it’s for you, or think “is it worth it?”, here is my story…

I am in a long relationship with my fiance and have a very busy lifestyle, but for a while I felt demotivated, always tired and sex drive was low at best.  I spoke with a friend and he told me about TRT.  I did all the research under the sun and so the next step was to arrange the consult.

They make you feel relaxed and go through everything with you.  Once going through the financial side, which was a big question and to be honest it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of your health and well being.  I am 3 months in, sex drive is back, feel good factor is there, body is definitely leaner and stronger in the gym.

Anonymous, 27 - August 2017

When I came to The Men’s Health Clinic I knew certain things about myself.  You can probably relate…

  • I knew I was a hard worker. I completed university, worked my butt off in my career to earn a transfer from north america to the UK.
  • I knew I loved training. I was a nationally competitive athlete in my university days, and I still loved to train up to 4x a week.
  • I knew I was a High Performer – I loved to improve and see progress in everything I did and this showed in all of things I turned my focus to.

There were a few things I didn’t know…

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Tom, 28 - August 2017

Very appreciative to benefit from an hour long consultation, during which Dr Stevens explained the risks and benefits of treatment, in what I perceived as a balanced and very informed manner. I had many questions which were patiently answered to my satisfaction. Dr Stevens is a warm and empathetic doctor, who demonstrates a clear commitment to helping his patients improve their quality of life. Initial consultation covered lifestyle issues, diet, sleep hygiene and other elements rather than focusing entirely on TRT.

Administration of treatment and sterile protocols were clearly demonstrated during the follow up consultation and written instructions were provided. Hormone therapy is a significant decision which patients will consider carefully, but I was confident that I’d be in safe hands and would be receiving appropriate evidence based treatment.

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Matthew, 43 - August 2017

As you pass your 40’s, inevitably, or so I thought, your body begins to tell you that you can’t do everything quite as easily as you did when you were in your 20’s and 30’s. So do we all listen to our bodies, pop on the slippers, recline into our cosy armchair and look forward to a warm mug of cocoa and bed time?…Some do, I didn’t; I started to research.

As a 40 something active guy with a company to run and a zest for life I was determined to sort this out.  During my research I came across a number of firms online who professed to be able to balance hormones and give you back your 20 something mojo; but a little extra digging revealed the generic nature of these services. Give blood, nameless, faceless analysis and a GP at the end to prescribe.  I wanted to see specialist, someone who I could talk to about my own symptoms, someone who would take a real interest in ‘optimising’ me.

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Lloyd, 27 - July 2017

Was highly recommend to see Dr Stevens and I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with such an approachable and down to earth professional. My treatment is going extremely well and I am looking forward to his continued help. I cannot sing his praises enough, 10 out of 10.

Will, 24 - June 2017

Without sounding cheesy, this is the best thing I’ve ever done, never realised how low you get when your hormones aren’t quite right and second to that how much better life is when everything is in sync and at the highest level.

Simon, 47 - Feb 2017

I found Dr Rob online.  Initial consultation was friendly and informative, and the tests were very comprehensive.  No question was left unanswered.

TRT has changed my life, I have more energy and confidence and I am much happier.

I would recommend the service to anyone.

Steve, 39 - Jan 2017

Hello Dr Stevens,

Following on from my consultation today I just wanted to send a quick email thanking you for making me feel like me again. If you would like to use this as a testimonial for future clients, please feel free.

Around the age of 28 I noticed I was in decline generally, I could not pinpoint the exact cause. I was at the time working for the Police and under a great deal of stress both mentally and physically, although I had a great life and enjoyed my career very much I knew there was something wrong.

As the years went by I consulted my GP on various occasions. Although well meaning, he would always come back with the stock reply, that I was suffering from the effects of stress and needed to alter my lifestyle.

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Ross, 39 - Jan 2017

I’d been investigating TRT for some time.  It was a subject that I had some knowledge about so was looking for a clinician that could be trusted, had a new perspective, and was also one that I could get on with.  Living outside London was also an issue as there are a number of people inside London, but something there just wasn’t a fit.

Dealing with Rob was a delight.  He is approachable, knowledgeable and realistic.  He dealt with all questions with the right level of detail for me.  As a pedantic soul I was more than happy!  Treatment so far has made all parts of my life 10-20% better.  My well being has improved, I have more ‘pep in my step’ and I also don’t feel like I am having a treatment.  It’s just part of my life which happens to enhance it.

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Bob, 71 - Nov 2016

Hi Rob,  I would like to let you know how helpful you & the practice are towards my health care and through the manner you give on a personal basis with your patients. Thanks again.

Mike, 75 - Nov 2016

I am 75 years old and started treatment for ED in august this year.  It has worked and my girlfriend will agree!

Anonymous, 29 - Oct 2016

I used to be over 18 stones and managed to lose a lot of weight to the point of being 11 stones.  However, I have always had issues developing stamina or muscle mass, hence why I was referred to Dr. Stevens who had my blood checked and confirmed that I had a hormonal imbalance which was affecting me.  Now nearly 6 months into treatment and my life has changed for the better.  My physical activity; stamina and overall health has improved, I cannot thank him enough.  His advice comforted me and made me feel that I am in expert hands, and thankfully after all this time, I am seeing results which were beyond my expectations.

TRT is a lifestyle change and has taught me that mood and psychological state has a direct affect on maintaining health.  It has also impacted my sexual life in a positive way.  I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who has never had a hormonal check and suspects that low testosterone could be the reason affecting their overall health/stamina/sex drive.

Darren, 45 - Oct 2016

I was suffering from low testosterone symptoms, was surfing the internet and came across Dr Robert Stevens at Preventative Health Doctors.  I decided to get in contact with Dr Stevens about my symptoms and go and have a consultation with him.  At the end of the consultation, I decided to go on a trial of TRT therapy.

Within one month of being on testosterone, my sex drive has returned just like when I was a teenager, my energy has started to return and I’m experiencing big improvement with my moods.  My confidence has also improved.  I would recommend TRT therapy to anyone, just wish I had treatment sooner.

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Anonymous, 29 - August 2016

Very friendly staff; quiet, clean, professional establishment. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering with low T and looking for treatment. Dr Stevens has gone above and beyond. Finding a Dr to listen to someone like myself, a young guy with low T has been hard to find so very grateful to Dr Stevens for his continued help.

Only started treatment a few months ago and so far it has helped me with my symptoms massively and I’m  looking forward to seeing even more improvement in the future.

Gareth, 40 - August 2016

Four years ago, and still in my mid thirties, I started to investigate the possibility that I suffer from low testosterone. I knew from looking online that the symptoms were a match to mine and was confident that testosterone was the issue. My GP agreed to blood tests and the results showed that I was low (11.1) but just above the threshold for treatment set by the NHS. My GP insisted that I was ‘fine’ and that “some people are just tuned differently”. I felt like I had no option but to put up with my symptoms.

Four years on (and feeling worse), I decided to get tested again, but this time by a specialist. After contacting the Preventative Health Doctors they conducted blood tests confirming that my levels were still low (now 8.1). Dr Robert Stevens listened, explained the costs (not anywhere near as expensive as I thought) and then proceeded to tailor a treatment plan for me. It was such a relief to talk to someone who understood the condition, the impact it has and how to treat it.

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Adrian, 50 - August 2016

I wanted to give you some feedback on the treatment I am receiving. I am a 50 year old man and for many years now I have felt tired, lethargic with a low sex drive leading to depression. I visited my G.P on a number of occasions and was told ‘there is a lot of it going around’ on the last visit I asked if I could be suffering from low testosterone levels as I had a gut feeling it maybe hormonal,my persistence eventually led to a blood test that did indeed confirm I had very low testosterone but that nothing could be done.

My sister is a nurse and knew of Preventative Health Doctors and Dr. Rob Stevens and suggested he may be able to help. I made an appointment to see Dr Stevens, he visited my home and checked my medical history, he also give me a physical examination to rule out any other cause. My last blood test results were reviewed and he informed me my testosterone levels were ‘through the floor and that I would be a good candidate for TRT therapy’. I was happy to proceed and started a course of treatment soon after.

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