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TRT Equipment & Supplies

Patients of The Men’s Health Clinic will be issued a TRT & HCG starter pack at the start of therapy. For ongoing supplies, I recommend ordering the following equipment.

I order most of my supplies from the online medical supplies company Medisave.  We have negotiated a 5% discount for all of our patients.  I know it’s not much but every little helps, simply use the code ‘CS5’ at the checkout.

Please note, we have no affiliation with Medisave, however I have always found their service to be top notch.


Testosterone Enanthate

Some of you are fans of low-dead space 27g needles/syringes, these can be bought from Exchange Supplies.




MisceIlaneous Supplies

10ml sterile vials can ONLY be bought from clinic.  If you don’t have access to the 10ml sterile vials, I recommend pre-loading your syringes and forming a seal with a Braun Combi-Stopper.

Bacteriostatic Saline needs to be prescribed, so again, if you are one of my patients, I can supply this along with the 5ml / 10ml syringes and 21g needles for mixing.

You will also need a sharps bin.  These can also be purchased from any of the online medical supplies companies including Medisave.  When full, please contact your local council for them to collect, or information on how to dispose of these safely.


Dr Robert D Stevens MBChB MRCGP Dip.FIPT