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All new patients are supplied with everything that they need from clinic in order to commence therapy.  After this, we can continue to supply your equipment and consumables, or you can order directly from our recommended suppliers linked below:


Testosterone Cypionate / Enanthate


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)


Additional Items


10ml Sterile Vials – These nitrogen filled internally sterile vials can only be supplied to healthcare professionals in the UK and so are only available from clinic.  We will provide you with all the necessary equipment to prepare your vials with your medication.

Bacteriostatic Saline – This is a prescription only product and is therefore supplied from clinic as part of a pack containing the syringes, filter needles and 21G needles you will need for mixing with your HCG.

Please see our TRT Costs page for further information on how to request prices for these items and placing an order.


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