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All new patients are supplied with everything that they need from clinic in order to commence therapy, and for the first three months of treatment.  After this, we will continue to supply your medication and prescription related consumables from clinic, and you will order your own injecting equipment.  Links to our recommended suppliers for the necessary items can be found below.

Recommended Suppliers

Available From Clinic:

10ml Sterile Vials

Medical grade internally sterile, nitrogen filled vials are only available to healthcare professionals in the UK, and so can only be supplied from clinic.  The vials are ISO compliant, and come with a comprehensive batch record and Certificate of Analysis, as well as being CE marked.  We will provide you with the necessary needles and syringes to prepare your vials with your medication orders.

Bacteriostatic Saline

This is a prescription only product and is supplied from clinic as part of a 3-month or 6-month pack, containing everything that you need to safely prepare your HCG for multi-dosing.


Please see your New Patient Information Pack for further details on how to order the above items from clinic.

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