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The aim of testosterone replacement therapy is to restore and optimise your testosterone levels using bioidentical hormones, so that you can lead a healthy and active life.  Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome can have a dramatic effect on your physical and psychological well-being.  Symptoms of low testosterone include:-

  • Reduced sex drive (libido), difficulty achieving an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Increased fatigue and lethargy; diminished energy, sense of vitality, or sense of well-being
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength, reduced exercise stamina
  • Obesity
  • Excessive sweating and night sweats
  • Loss of body, facial and pubic hair
  • Increased breast tissue (gynaecomastia)
  • Poor concentration and/or memory
  • Insulin resistance
  • Loss of bone mass (osteoporosis)

There is no biological advantage or rationale in accepting a low testosterone level as a natural consequence of ageing.  Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome has become commonly referred to as the ‘Andropause’ or ‘Male Menopause’ in the press.

Here at the Men’s Health Clinic, we utilise the latest British Society for Sexual Medicine guidelines to help diagnose, manage and support you in restoring your testosterone levels.  Our emphasis is on you our patient, we are here to help you improve both quality and quantity of life, so we also take into consideration your needs and expectations as well as the quantitative markers.

We recognise that starting testosterone replacement therapy may seem like a big step to take, so please be reassured that our emphasis is on safety and effectiveness.  We endeavour to accommodate your needs every step of the way by giving you the autonomy you need in the decisions you make, and giving you the necessary support & guidance when needed. Whilst on treatment you will be monitored by regular six monthly face to face consultations with the doctor, with blood investigations carried out appropriate to your needs. Access to clinician support outside of these routine consultations is also available upon request.

You can choose between a trial of a topical gel, or a short-acting injection such as Testosterone Enanthate, before deciding whether or not Testosterone Replacement Therapy is something you would like to continue long term.  You decide on what treatment option is best for you, so that you can feel like ‘you’ again!

blood-tests_hormone_tests-600x600New Patient TRT Consultation

This initial appointment involves a face to face consultation with Dr. Stevens at The Men’s Health Clinic to discuss your symptoms, conduct a thorough examination and assess your overall suitability for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  This will include a review of what symptoms and signs are of most importance to you, and whether or not these are likely to be attributable to low testosterone, or potentially another cause that may also need to be addressed.  A review of the quantitative and qualitative screening questionnaires, issued prior to your appointment acts as a good starting point, and serve as a useful measure of your response to Testosterone Replacement Therapy alongside regular blood monitoring.

It is important to look at your past medical history, current/past significant conditions, illnesses and operations that may be influencing your current state of health.  An in depth look at current and past medication usage may give an indication of what is going on, and whether alterations to these may influence the decisions we make in your care. Your social history is also taken into consideration, including any past drug usage, as this can often provide a useful insight into your current testosterone level. The information you give is in complete confidence so the more information Dr Stevens has, the more he can potentially assist you.

Your bloods will then be taken to look at the quantitative blood markers necessary for initiating Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  The ‘VIP Male Health Package’ blood test (as detailed below) is the preferred option for this as it gives us a comprehensive analysis of your blood, so that a diagnosis can be made and other possible causes excluded.  If you have had previous blood tests and/or investigations carried out, please bring hard copies of these with you so that they can be taken into consideration.

You should allow up to 1 hour for this consultation.

Consultation Price:  £220 (+ blood tests)

Follow Up TRT Consultation

A face to face consultation to review your symptoms and response to treatment, to ensure that both clinician and patient are happy with the ongoing management plan and to make potential alterations to care as necessary.

Your first follow up consultation is normally one week after your initial consultation to review your blood test results and commence treatment as appropriate.  Further follow up consultations will then be carried out at 1 or 3 months (dependent on your choice of treatment), and then every 6 months to ensure safe and effective prescribing of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, with additional blood investigations as agreed.  We do have the facility to offer Skype follow-up consultations, however, we do insist on a 12 monthly face to face consultation in clinic.

You should allow up to 30 minutes for this consultation.

Consultation Price:  £120 (+ blood tests)

Skype Follow Up TRT Consultation

Skype follow-up consultations are available for all existing patients.  These can either be booked in clinic hours, or on a day and time convenient to you.

Consultation Price:  £120

Blood Tests

All the necessary blood investigations will be taken at the Men’s Health Clinic during your consultation.

blood-tests_routine_bloods_red2-600x600TRT Package:  £90

This package covers the core blood investigations needed to monitor the body’s response to Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

The hormonal profile looks at the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis. The pituitary gland releases Lutenising Hormone which is necessary for testosterone production within the testes and to a lesser degree the adrenal glands above the kidneys. It also releases Follicle Stimulating Hormone which stimulates the testes to produce sperm through spermatogenesis. TRT can alter oestrogen levels, a bi-product of testosterone breakdown, an excess can cause troublesome side effects.

The Prostate Specific Antigen is a measure of prostate health and should be monitored before and whilst receiving TRT.  The Full Blood Count looks at numerous factors including anaemia; however of particular importance is the haematocrit in men on TRT as an elevated level can increase the chance of clots.

Package includes:- Total Testosterone / Follicle Stimulating Hormone / Lutenising Hormone / Oestradiol / Prostate Specific Antigen / Full Blood Count.

blood-tests_routine_bloods_red2-600x600VIP Male Health Package:  £140

A thorough complement of blood investigations specifically chosen to cover men’s health issues and metabolic markers important in general health.  These blood tests are suitable for men wanting a general health screen, or diagnosing & monitoring conditions such as Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, libido issues, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

This comprehensive hormonal profile also looks at the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis, however it also calculates the amount of usable testosterone there is within the body, measured as the Free Androgen Index.  It also calculates other hormonal levels important in men’s health such as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which binds to Testosterone making it unusable. Prolactin is also important in the diagnostic work up of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome as well as its role in sexual function.

As with the TRT Package, the Prostate Specific Antigen, Full Blood Count are measured, The VIP Male Health Package also looks at other metabolic markers such as your HbA1C, a measure of your glycolated haemoglobin, useful in diagnosing diabetes; your lipid & Cholesterol profile which is an important marker of cardiovascular health, your liver and kidney health and your Thyroid Function, another important hormone needed for overall health.

Package includes:- Total Testosterone / Free Androgen Index / Follicle Stimulating Hormone / Lutenising Hormone / Sex Hormone Binding Globulin / Prolactin / Oestradiol / Full Blood Count / Prostate Specific Antigen / Urea & Electrolytes / Liver Function Tests / HbA1C / Lipids incl. Cholesterol / Thyroid Function Tests.

blood-tests_routine_bloods_red2-600x600Sensitive Oestradiol Test:  £40

The Liquid Chromatography / Mass Spectometry test is a more sensitive measure of your oestradiol level.  The standard test tends to over read because the test cannot differentiate between oestradiol and CRP.  This is especially important in men who are having oestrogenic side effects such as water retention, breast swelling, nipple tenderness and loss of libido, alongside their TRT treatment.

Package includes:- Senstive Oestradiol (LC/MS)

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