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More obese people in the world than underweight, says study…

| By: Dr Robert Stevens

Is anybody actually surprised by this?  You only have to walk down your local high street to see the decay of modern society.

It’s not all their fault though, even the NHS ‘Eatwell Plate’ is STILL out of date.  We prescribe ‘fat blocking’ drugs, like Orlistat, to help people lose weight.  When are we going to wake up to the fact that carbohydrates (especially refined sugar) and processed foods are the main culprits in weight gain, not fats.  Admittedly trans saturated fatty acids and hydrogenated fats are bad for you, but naturally occurring saturated fats and unsaturated fats are actually healthy and, matter of fact, necessary.

I have a rather skewed view of what is normal; I go to the gym most days, I go to the beach with my dog every day, I go where I’m surrounded by similar minded people.  I refuse to set foot in McDonalds unless it’s to use their toilets and, to be fair, they have pretty nice toilets.  One of Dorset’s local McDonalds recently won “Toilet of the Year”.  It’s the highest accolade and probably the most appropriate award McDonalds should win!

I could get on my soap box about the obesity epidemic and what we need to do to reverse it, but it’s funny; try and tell people who aren’t willing or actually wanting to change, and it’s an absolute waste of time.  In fact, they will defend their behaviour and vehemently defend companies like Coca Cola, not with rational argument mind, but with platitudes and abuse.

In fact, through advertising and marketing campaigns, these companies have done such an incredible job, I’m not sure we will ever win the battle.  Starbucks pledged to reduce the sugar content of their high sugar drinks by 25% by 2020.  What a disingenuous gesture, 25% is insulting at best.

What I will say is this…

Obesity causes low testosterone levels, irrespective of age.  More than 75% of men who are considered morbidly obese have Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.  It is believed that the decrease in testosterone levels with advancing age is more to do with increased weight(1).

Also, it is recognised that sugar reduces testosterone levels(2), so it stands to reason that a diet high in refined sugar, which is endemic in the modern western diet, will lower your testosterone.

If you are motivated, the information is out there, and here at the Men’s Health Clinic we are here to provide you with this information and to support you.  It’s your life, it’s your health, live it with passion and vigour.