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The Daily Mail – Experts reveal how to avoid the ‘male menopause’

| By: Dr Robert Stevens

I really don’t like the Daily Mail, I think it’s one of Rupert Murdoch’s poisonous vessels for spreading his propaganda to middle class England.  As with most newspapers these days, being objective and just doesn’t always sell, so they lean towards whatever agenda they have or whatever story will spark the most attention and make them more profit.

It is interesting however to see testosterone in the news and it being portrayed in a favourable light.  I do wonder however why they only concentrate on the topical testosterone gel and not provide a balanced picture discussing the other forms of testosterone, such as Testosterone Undeconate, an intramuscular injection that is licenced for treating Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome here in the UK.

“She knows for certain because within three days of starting to apply testosterone gel to his skin, her 52-year-old husband, who hadn’t been himself for two years, suddenly rediscovered his interest in sex.”

In my opinion this will be nothing more than placebo effect. Some of my patients do see an improvement in their sex drive and energy within three months of treatment though, and interestingly a trough as they near the time of their loading dose at six weeks. How much of this is psychological is unknown however on subsequent review when their levels are optimised they note a similar sensation of improved overall health and well-being. Most of these patients present with very low testosterone levels and so normalisation through testosterone replacement therapy will therefore bring about a more marked psychological & physical effect sooner than those presenting with less dramatic symptoms and signs.

The idea of testosterone replacement therapy is to optimise your levels so you can be you again, not make you into a super human being. We are aiming to achieve health, improve both quality and quantity of life. Health is about balance and harmony, in order to achieve this, we must understand that the ‘quick fix’ everyone seeks will inevitably fail as quite simply ‘your body is smarter than you’.

Much like the diet industry, lose weight on the diet, put it back on when you stop it, did you fail? No, your body reacted to the ‘starvation’ and produced hormonal changes to protect itself. Hence the diet industry is a wonderful business model, repeat customers in abundance.

Testosterone is integral to men’s health, it shouldn’t solely be seen as the ‘male sex hormone’ or be associated with ‘performance enhancement’, unlike oestrogen in females, it’s important to have a optimal testosterone for your whole life. For everything we do and every decision we make there are benefits and risks. It’s hard to argue against optimisation of testosterone to improve male health, see how we can help you here at the Men’s Health Clinic

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