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14 things you probably didn’t know about erectile dysfunction…

| By: Dr Robert Stevens

Nescafe slogan for 2016 – Great erections come with a great coffee!

Erectile dysfunction is common, it’s also of major concern to men, whether we like to admit it or not.  We did some market research recently and in a 2 week period, there were 22,200 searches for erectile dysfunction on Google, here in the UK.

Men do not tend to present to their doctor with erectile dysfunction, if they do, it is only ever mentioned as a throwaway comment, or as part of a more general problem. Nine times out of ten the doctor has to initiate the conversation. You can often see the eureka moment and look of relief on men’s faces when you do.

Listen, I know it is potentially embarrassing going to your doctor with erection problems, but believe me, I have heard it all before, seen it all before, we are here to help.

Erectile dysfunction is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease so ignore it at your peril.