Does age related decline qualify for treatment?  



Sorry, wasn’t sure whether this was OK to post in the Facebook group or if it was more appropriate here. I’m looking for some advice. I wouldn’t consider myself low t personally, not now not ever. I’ve thankfully been pretty healthy throughout my life, hardly ever ill (physically or mentally) have trained consistently all my adult life and generally lived life to the full.

I turned 50 this year and always thought that “age was just a number” but if I’m honest I’m beginning to feel it. I still do CrossFit every morning and mix in some BJJ in the evening, weekends I normally go hiking. Until recently (last 3 months) I could handle this load with zero problems but it’s begun to take a toll on me.

There are other symptoms as well, morning wood? Almost non-existent now and I’ve lost passion for things, I’m not taking on the projects I once was and in work I’m fighting my corner less and less. I’m sleeping well, still getting exercise and my diet is pretty good (I do like a drink and that’s something I need to cut down)

I haven’t had any blood work done but if I’m honest I reckon it would show that my testosterone in normal to high for a 50-year-old, but that’s the problem. The testosterone of a “normal” 50-year-old is causing a deterioration in my quality of life, a significant one. I’m not ready for a pipe and slippers yet by any means. Until recently I was holding my own with guys half my age. Would I be a candidate if my issues were simply age related?   


Hi Marc

I am a couple of years older than you but your story resonated so much with mine that I thought I would offer some input.  

Getting old really sucks doesn't it? when I was 42 I would notice some subtle changes every year, another line around the eyes, a slight wobble of the tricep when waving goodbye. At the age of 52 those kind of changes are now a monthly occurrence. 5 years ago I was still hitting a maximum 300 score on the Army fitness test. Today, I am not even sure I could pass the bloody thing.

So does age related decline qualify for treatment? I would say it probably does, but it depends on your own particular set of circumstances. It could just be that you are over-trained, your regime does sound a helluva workload for someone of our age! My advice would be to get some blood tests done for your own peace of mind, maybe you are low maybe you are not but at least you will have some baseline data and that can only be good thing going forward. If you are low and you want to explore options then I would say that this clinic is a good place to start that journey.

Best of luck.







Hi Marc,

I agree with everything Paul has said. I would get some blood-work, the TRT Check Plus is a thorough complement, remember to use the MHC20 discount code. 

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is a well-recognised medical condition, the decision to start TRT should not be taken lightly but if you have a deficiency it should be corrected. It's important to contextualise symptoms and blood work with your doctor so that you can make an informed decision that is in your best interests.

Dr Rob