Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

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Testosterone is the male sex-hormone and it is pivotal to men’s health, it is essentially responsible for what makes us men, and brings about fertility. Men don’t have a definitive cut off point in their timelines when the testicles stop producing testosterone; unlike females who have symptoms and signs of oestrogen withdrawal followed by ovarian failure.

Men’s testosterone levels normally decline slowly with increased age, this can be worsened by a number of medical conditions and environmental factors. It is further complicated by the fact that another hormone ‘Sex Hormone Binding Globulin’ increases with age thereby reducing the amount of usable testosterone.

There are obvious benefits to having a healthy testosterone, and drawbacks to having a low testosterone.

When men develop symptoms of Androgen Deficiency Syndrome and blood tests confirm a low testosterone level, then this is diagnostic of the male menopause, if other causes have been excluded.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone:-

  • Reduced sex drive (libido), difficulty achieving an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Increased fatigue and lethargy; diminished energy, sense of vitality, or sense of well-being
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength, reduced exercise stamina
  • Obesity
  • Excessive sweating and night sweats
  • Loss of body, facial and pubic hair
  • Increased breast tissue (gynaecomastia)
  • Poor concentration and/or memory
  • Insulin resistance
  • Loss of bone mass (osteoporosis)

The Testosterone prescribed is a bioidentical hormone, it is chemically the same substance that your brain tells your testicles to produce.

Here at Preventative Health Doctors, we adhere to the British Society of Sexual Medicine guidelines in helping you optimise your testosterone levels to improve both form and function by restoring balance; improving quality and quantity of life.

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