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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Tom 28

August 2017

Very appreciative to benefit from an hour long consultation, during which Dr Stevens explained the risks and benefits of treatment, in what I perceived as a balanced and very informed manner. I had many questions which were patiently answered to my satisfaction. Dr Stevens is a warm and empathetic doctor, who demonstrates a clear commitment to helping his patients improve their quality of life. Initial consultation covered lifestyle issues, diet, sleep hygiene and other elements rather than focusing entirely on TRT.

Administration of treatment and sterile protocols were clearly demonstrated during the follow up consultation and written instructions were provided. Hormone therapy is a significant decision which patients will consider carefully, but I was confident that I’d be in safe hands and would be receiving appropriate evidence based treatment.

Dr Stevens is approachable and has been available by email and telephone to answer questions, discuss test results and any further action required in my case.

As for results – now feeling absolutely fantastic. I’m grateful for full remission of fatigue symptoms after four months of treatment, better sleep and concentration, and an overall increase in quality of life.

Thank you Dr Stevens