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Steve 39

January 2017

Hello Dr Stevens,

Following on from my consultation today I just wanted to send a quick email thanking you for making me feel like me again. If you would like to use this as a testimonial for future clients, please feel free.

Around the age of 28 I noticed I was in decline generally, I could not pinpoint the exact cause. I was at the time working for the Police and under a great deal of stress both mentally and physically, although I had a great life and enjoyed my career very much I knew there was something wrong.

As the years went by I consulted my GP on various occasions. Although well meaning, he would always come back with the stock reply, that I was suffering from the effects of stress and needed to alter my lifestyle. During my last consultation, I was offered a diagnosis of depression and offered medication. That was the last time I spoke with my GP regarding the matter, I have known clinical depression and how I was feeling coupled with the physical symptoms, it was an enigma yes, depression no.

As I aged I noticed things were getting worse and thanks to many hours research on the internet, I had a working theory, I was suffering from low testosterone. However, being 6’4″ with a fair covering of facial and body hair I knew it would be pointless discussing this matter with my cash strapped NHS GP.

I selected several companies offering TRT and The Men’s Health Clinic was one of them. Living in Swansea I knew I would have to travel for treatment there were several in London but the fees they were charging were borderline obscene.

The Men’s Health Clinic were transparent about the costs involved, I also liked the idea of injections rather than gels. Although I know they have their place, topical gels would not have suited me.  From the moment I walked into the office, I knew you were someone I could work with.  By this point I was working as a nurse and I knew you had detailed knowledge of your field. As you will remember I had some concerns about starting the treatment, namely that I would turn into a steroid rage driven lunatic but you reassured me in a professional but relaxed way that I would not.

It is now six months since I commenced treatment and I can honestly say I have not looked back, my treatment with Nebido and HCG is nothing short of remarkable. Yes, there are costs involved with the therapy but in my opinion they are negligible when compared to how much better I feel. Now I sleep soundly every night for 8 hours, I have my strength and stamina back and I laugh and love life just as I did in my mid 20’s, I am also happy that my blood is screened regularly to check the effects of the treatment.

Should any of your perspective patients wish to chat with another patient I am more than happy to share my experience with them.

Thank you again, best wishes.