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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Steve, 38

May 2019

I had heard about Testosterone Replacement Therapy for several years on youtube and health forums but presumed I would have to travel to New York or Harley Street to get a decent level of service. These forums talked about “blood work” and finding a doctor who understands how to design the best protocol.  The administration of hormones via a needle is a daunting and nerve-wracking prospect.

On meeting with Dr Stevens, I found him to be someone who I could talk to honestly about the effects of aging and the challenges of being a man in the modern era. In my twenties, I had felt invincible but as the bald patch had spread a little bit of life force had slipped every year after around the age of 27/28.

At age 34 I began a course of TRT therapy designed by Dr Stevens.  He clearly possesses a deep understanding of the subject but does not seek to dominate or baffle patients with it. He dips in and shares his expertise accessibly for the benefit and understanding of the common man.  The blood analysis meant that the protocol was tweaked a couple of times before we hit the optimum figures.

The effect on my well-being is immense. I feel lively and spritely. I have adopted cold showers on a Monday morning and feel a vigour that had slipped away.  I am amazed when I share my experience with my less open-minded peers that they shake their heads and draw parallels with gym steroid users.  As I see them look overweight and sluggish I feel sorry for their narrow mindedness.

This is clearly the way to a sustainable way of being the best version of oneself.  It then spreads in to other areas of life such as diet, mental wellness and taking a pride in oneself.