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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Patrick, 24

September 2018

I first came to see Rob in early 2018. I had been diagnosed with low testosterone by the NHS and had started treatment with them. After months of treatment on testosterone gel, my levels had barely gone anywhere and I was still below the normal range. I was offered testosterone Nebido but was not confident in the effect it would have. This is when I decided to make an appointment with The Men’s Health Clinic and come to see Rob after discovering him on an online testosterone replacement therapy group on Facebook.

I was 24 years old and my levels had been fluctuating between around 3.5 and 8nmol/l which is very low, especially for my age. After around 4 weeks of treatment with Rob on Testosterone Enanthate and HCG, my levels rose to around 47nmol/l. That was an incredible turnaround. Ever since then, we have been working together to dial those levels back down towards a normal range and they are now at around 36 nmol/l, which although is slightly above the normal range, my free testosterone is brought back into the normal range by my SHBG levels.

This shows that less is sometimes more when it comes to treatment and a lot of guys feel a lot better being in the normal rang than too high – such as anxiety and high haematocrit levels. There are also side effects of being too high. Rob is an excellent doctor and the treatment you will receive with him is likely to far outweigh that of the NHS (who I have great respect for, but they just don’t have the knowledge or personal touch that Rob does).