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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Michael 37

September 2017

I’m a 37 year old male and over the last few years Ive noticed a gradual decline in a few key aspects of my life.  I went through many relationships where my performance came into question, had problems with impotence which made me quite depressed and anxious.

After about 2 years of being afraid of getting into situations where I knew I had a problem I decided to get myself checked out at a private clinic and with the NHS.  My testosterone came back “in range” yet on the low end (maybe for a 65-70 year old man) but the NHS would tell me I’m “normal”.  I knew something was amiss.  I was at a wits end and was going to go the underground route to see if that would help.

I was looking for sources on a bunch of forums and while asking advice on the excellent forum Excelmale I was referred to Dr Stevens website.  I sent the Dr my results and told him my symptoms he agreed that I am a decent candidate for therapy so he booked me.  On consultation, we talked about my symptoms and history (I lost a testicle at age 13 due to testicular torsion after a football injury) and then he took my blood levels.  It turns out that my testosterone, although was still in range, yet low end, it was my Oestradiol (Oestrogen – Female hormone) that was the problem.  It was surprisingly extremely low, which causes much of the same symptoms as low testosterone, my other hormone results suggested that my brain was working extremely hard to make up for the single testicle down below which was also causing symptoms.

I was diagnosed with Primary Hypogonadism which is a problem with the testicles (Secondary being a problem with the brain) Dr Stevens put me on a protocol of 125mg Testosterone Enanthate  per week split into 2 injections (to keep levels constant) and 300IU of HCG twice weekly (to maintain fertility).  I was a little worried about injecting but after the demonstration by Dr Stevens it was easy and I hardly feel it anymore.  The results actually felt instant which is probably the placebo effect.  But over the next few weeks I noticed my virility returning, morning erections and noticing the opposite sex a heck of a lot more, which helped lift the insidious fog that has been plaguing me over the last years.  I also started to feel more outspoken, confident and social, I felt a lot more like I used to 10 years or so ago.  Its almost 3 months down the line now and I can attest that my sex life has resumed and I am dating again.  I am running a few different businesses, my time in the gym is now paying off as I can see my body start to change (I’ve always been training, but felt I was just spinning the wheels) for the better and at 37 years old I felt like an old man, but now although I realise I am right at the start of this new life I do feel like a young man again.

Through one further consultation Dr Steven has optimised my hormone levels, testosterone is on the high end, Oestrogen is smack in the middle, red blood cells Haemocrit is exactly where it should be too.  I don’t need to go back for another 6 months so the costs aren’t high, but how can you put a price on your happiness and quality of life?!

I have many friends the same age as me, who if I notice they are feeling like I am I will immediately put them in touch with Dr Stevens.  The risks associated with low testosterone are huge and I would be doing my friends a disservice if I didn’t.