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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Mark 58

December 2017

I am 58 and have been a patient of Dr Stevens for about a year.

My story is apparently like so many men of my age, a perceived gradual drift downhill of apparently age related symptoms. Over the previous 2 years prior to beginning treatment with Dr Stevens I experienced diminishing energy levels , often falling asleep in the evenings, was gradually losing body strength and muscle mass and gaining body fat instead. Focusing at work was becoming ever difficult, on occasion struggling to get a physical and mental grip on tasks that had previously been almost second nature.

The worst and most devastating symptom though, was the ever-decreasing sex drive. Having been been prescribed conventional ED medication about 4 years previously, to be taken when necessary but had been  dosing ever more frequently as the medication was no longer had the same desired effect. My partner and I were heading for serious relationship issues stemming from my avoidance excuses and her becoming convinced that I had lost interest in her.

Having previously been able to keep an almost constant positive outlook, my symptoms were slowly pushing me into deep lows of depression. I researched widely on the internet, concluded that the symptoms had to be testosterone deficiency related and went to see my GP. The blood tests came back with low T but right on the cusp of the NHS definition of “normal” so no treatment was offered. The crux and most infuriating of all, was having the GP, who was about the same age, tell me “ You are getting older and just have to live with it”. That made me mad as hell!! and I refused to accept this, searched for private treatment and was over the moon to discover Dr Stevens clinic in the area . The initial consultation was very professional, relaxed and reassuring. Extensive blood tests confirmed the previous results, I was prescribed Nebido injections and received the first one about 2 weeks later.

My sex drive kicked back in almost immediately after the first shot and that  alone pulled me out of the depression. For the first few weeks, both my partner and I were on “cloud nine” but then some not so pleasant side effects began. There was, what I can only describe as, a roller coaster of lows and highs with the the lows getting worse as I approached the next injection. I received a top up after 6 weeks that ceased the roller coaster within a day but then acute acne appeared all over my face and back that took around two embarrassing weeks to settle down. Similar symptoms occurred after the third injection and after another consultation with Dr Stevens, he recommended that I switch to Testogel which I have been applying daily for the last 7 months.

Since beginning Testogel, I haven’t thus far looked back. I feel constantly stable with no perceivable side effects and I would describe my general feeling of well being as  somewhere around euphoric. My strength and clarity of mind have returned, I have gained back all the lost muscle (plus a lot more and without even trying). My body fat is gradually and noticeably decreasing and my libido and stamina are seemingly comparable  to age 25.

If my own experience is anything to go by, you don’t have to accept being told “you are getting older so what do you expect”. This is not a given and improving physical and mental state is within one’s own responsibility to take control of.

Being under the care of Dr Stevens at the clinic has thus far been life changing for me and my partner and I can’t thank or recommend him highly enough.