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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Jevan 27

August 2017

For all that are considering TRT and not sure weather it’s for you, or think “is it worth it?”, here is my story…

I am in a long relationship with my fiance and have a very busy lifestyle, but for a while I felt demotivated, always tired and sex drive was low at best.  I spoke with a friend and he told me about TRT.  I did all the research under the sun and so the next step was to arrange the consult.

They make you feel relaxed and go through everything with you.  Once going through the financial side, which was a big question and to be honest it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of your health and well being.  I am 3 months in, sex drive is back, feel good factor is there, body is definitely leaner and stronger in the gym.