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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Chris 39

October 2017

I feel amazing, my quality of life has improved 100%.  I cannot thank you and Dr Stevens enough, you have literally given me my life back!  So please accept the following testimonial with my gratitude…

I am a 39 year old father of three, I have been active all my life, involved in many different sports since the age of 16 – competitive powerlifting,martial arts and various other contact sports – always active and always training for something.  About a year or so ago, I noticed that i was starting to run out of energy by the middle of the week and found myself getting up each day with a mental fog and generally just having no motivation.  Naturally I went to my GP where i was told it was just wear and tear after years of training and basically told to slow down!  At the time I was almost 38 years old and yet the way I felt, was so exhausted all the time.  Then I began to not sleep properly and even worse began to experience a drop in my libido which started to cause a few issues with my wife which caused me to fall into a little bit of a depression. 

After, things continued to decline so I again went to my GP and this time asked for them to test my testosterone levels as I had read a few articles during my studies regarding the effects of low testosterone and wondered if this was a possible cause for what i was experiencing.  After a blood test it turned out i had almost no testosterone in my body which, as you can imagine, was very concerning.  This prompted me to immediately look for some way to correct this and after searching on the internet, I came across Preventative Health Doctors.

I emailed Dr Robert Stevens and literally heard back almost immediately.  I booked a consultation as soon as possible and shortly after was actually sat in Dr.Stevens office being spoken too with care and understanding and in a manner which put my mind at ease, as straight away I felt I had found an understanding doctor who didn’t see just another appointment, but a person in need of help.

Straight away the treatment was explained in easy to understand terms, no medical jargon, and shortly after a blood test I began treatment and haven’t looked back since.  Each week since beginning treatment my life is improving, I have drive, energy and have regained desire to get up and do things and enjoy family time more.  Training in the gym has become fun again and my personal relationship with my wife has never been better, I even get a full nights sleep every night and get up ready to tackle the world.

I feel fantastic and have certainly recommended to various friends and members of my social group who are experiencing any of the issues I had to go see Dr.Stevens and start getting back their lives as they are not ready to be boxed and shelved yet, there is hope and through Preventative Health Doctors I have found a new lease on my life!!