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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Anonymous 29

October 2016

I used to be over 18 stones and managed to lose a lot of weight to the point of being 11 stones.  However, I have always had issues developing stamina or muscle mass, hence why I was referred to Dr. Stevens who had my blood checked and confirmed that I had a hormonal imbalance which was affecting me.  Now nearly 6 months into treatment and my life has changed for the better.  My physical activity; stamina and overall health has improved, I cannot thank him enough.  His advice comforted me and made me feel that I am in expert hands, and thankfully after all this time, I am seeing results which were beyond my expectations.

TRT is a lifestyle change and has taught me that mood and psychological state has a direct affect on maintaining health.  It has also impacted my sexual life in a positive way.  I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who has never had a hormonal check and suspects that low testosterone could be the reason affecting their overall health/stamina/sex drive.