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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Anonymous 27

August 2017 – VIP Consultation

When I came to The Men’s Health Clinic I knew certain things about myself.  You can probably relate…

  • I knew I was a hard worker. I completed university, worked my butt off in my career to earn a transfer from north america to the UK.
  • I knew I loved training. I was a nationally competitive athlete in my university days, and I still loved to train up to 4x a week.
  • I knew I was a High Performer – I loved to improve and see progress in everything I did and this showed in all of things i turned my focus to.

There were a few things I didn’t know…

  • I didn’t know why I couldn’t recover from my training.
  • I didn’t know why my sex drive was so bad.
  • I didn’t know why I was not improving in the gym, why i felt progressively less comfortable and confident in my “own skin”.
  • I didn’t know why i couldn’t lose fat in areas i had worked tirelessly on improving.
  • I didn’t know why i was not progressing anymore despite working smarter and harder when necessary.

I came to visit Dr Stevens without any assumptions or expectations about what would happen.  We talked about topics that i could never get a GP to talk about in the NHS. We talked about the stuff that mattered to me.  We talked about my quality of life and what has been changing. We talked about stress management and how that could be affecting me.  I was greeted with compassion, care and empathy from Doctor Stevens in a private environment in an un-rushed manner. I had his undivided attention, and 100% of his knowledge working to solve my issues.

We decided to take a small blood test, and i found out something else i did not know – My hormonal profile was not supporting the lifestyle i wanted to achieve, and was low by objective medical standards. This is important to me – Its not some forum on the internet – there are standard amounts of hormones you should find in your blood and i was naturally lower than where they should be. It wasn’t “broscience” or an internet sales pitch. It was a real lab giving me real data with real standard to compare it against.  From there we decided that the best course of action for me was to try and round of TRT. The results have been amazing.

If you are a hard worker, and care about your quality of life and well being, Its worth having the consult. The information is empowering and coupled with Dr Stevens expertise it helped my realise the quality of life i knew I could have and that i deserved.