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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Anon, 48

September 2018

As a patient of Dr Robert Stevens, I would like to add my comments for anyone interested in the service, both he and his staff provide at The Men’s Health Clinic.

Firstly, I have conducted numerous research and consulted other professionals in the realm of TRT. Some have been very helpful in terms of confessing a lack of competence in this area and others (although maybe competent) I’ve found to not very informative and very hard to connect with/reach out to.

Dr Stevens is extremely careful in his approach and considers a wide variety of variables and safe practices that makes you feel involved and part of the process.  I’ve found them highly tuned in to me as a client and not only effective in determining and adjusting processes but very conscientious in regards to what they provide.

To men this highlights the difference between those that want to make a difference and those that do not really see any meaningful implications to the work they do.

In terms of leadership, it’s of my view that unless people can lead themselves effectively they will struggle and fail in leading others most of the time. There’s a a great combined leadership approach that sits well with me in terms of maintaining my own autonomy whilst seeking professional advice.