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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Ali, 34

October 2018

I realised how caring Dr Stevens was even before my first consultation when he had to support me through the side effects of my previous NHS protocol and guide me through an unbearable storm of suffering just to reach the starting point with him.

During my first consultation he immediately put me at ease, made me laugh out loud, reassured me, designed an individualised plan of action that met my specific needs and explained each step of the journey ahead in remarkable detail.

Whenever I was in doubt or struggling, he was extremely responsive to any issues that needed to be resolved. You are not left hanging or abandoned as part of The Men’s Health Clinic, instead given swift and effective support whenever a need arises.

Dr Stevens is extremely passionate and his approach to Testosterone Replacement Therapy is always a thoughtful and cautious one, emphasising safety and minimising the side effects. He has planned out every step of the process from the consultation and blood tests, to the review and protocol design, to ordering the medication and the best preparation/injection techniques, and finally maximising quality of life and eliminating any negative symptoms. This is done via individual consultations, email correspondence, an online website and blog, useful YouTube video demonstrations and through social media to promote health awareness.

I truly feel under the care of someone who has my best interests at heart and part of a community now. I have been through some dark times and my current protocol is already starting to lift me up to a better place in life. I look forward to improving even more and I really do acknowledge and appreciate the dedication, effort and leadership required to provide a groundbreaking service like this.

I have already recommended The Men’s Health Clinic to close family members and friends.