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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Alen, 60

September 2018

I was starting to display some of the symptoms of low testosterone about a year ago, however I did not suffer with depression or brain fog. I had bad ED, lacked motivation, lacked self-confidence, little libido and was starting to put on a pound or two.

I had a couple of appointments with my GP, but on both times, they were pretty dismissive that it could be hormone levels, they did do blood tests on both occasions but failed to do a hormone profile.  I guess the NHS has bigger fires to fight than put a 60-year-old on TRT, so when my GP gave me a card with details of a Psychiatric Consultant, I gave up.

After a consultation and two blood tests, my testosterone level was found to be way below the accepted minimum.

I would like to state, at this point I was totally made aware of all the pro’s and con’s of this kind of therapy.  In fact, the whole process was done in a totally professional manner and felt as relaxed as I could be, bearing in mind my self-confidence issue.

The aftercare and instructional videos that went with this are great, even I had no problems with them.

Within two weeks on starting the therapy I was starting to notice a difference and 7 odd weeks into the therapy I am not only going for 5 mile runs but am now looking at improving my times.  All the other bits are starting to work again if you follow my drift and I feel the old “Me” is back.

Good work.