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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Alan 53

November 2017

Although I am sure that my condition was gradually worsening over several years, at around the age of 50 all the classical signs of low testosterone accelerated quickly. It was so noticeable and I felt I was aging so quickly that I thought that I had a life changing illness.  People I knew were saying I looked older. I felt older. I had aches and pains. I was getting softer and fatter. I had no energy, felt depressed and grumpy and I was seriously under performing in the bedroom.

I went to my Doctor and he took me seriously. I had a barrage of tests and examinations which produced no answers.  I broached the subject of low testosterone and although my Doctor was not overly enthusiastic he ordered the test and it came back as very low but within the normal range.  As far as my Doctor and the NHS were concerned, normal was normal and that was the end of that.

I was convinced that testosterone was playing a major part with my health issues.  I sought out Doctor Stevens and he started me on a trial of Testogel.  I have been on the treatment for nearly two years now. I am now fit, healthy and basically back to the old me I remember.

I have two recommendations to anybody who cares to take them –

  • If you or someone you know are young and fit, be sure to get a record of your testosterone levels to use as a comparison later in life.
    Don’t put it off If you think you might have low T. You may not have a sudden worsening like I did to drive you to seek help. You might be that frog boiling in the pot.
  • It’s just a blood test and low T impacts your health, relationships, sex life, family and your job.  Low T doesn’t just affect you.