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Adrian 50

August 2016

I wanted to give you some feedback on the treatment I am receiving. I am a 50 year old man and for many years now I have felt tired, lethargic with a low sex drive leading to depression. I visited my G.P on a number of occasions and was told ‘there is a lot of it going around’ on the last visit I asked if I could be suffering from low testosterone levels as I had a gut feeling it maybe hormonal,my persistence eventually led to a blood test that did indeed confirm I had very low testosterone but that nothing could be done.

My sister is a nurse and knew of Preventative Health Doctors and Dr. Rob Stevens and suggested he may be able to help. I made an appointment to see Dr Stevens, he visited my home and checked my medical history, he also give me a physical examination to rule out any other cause. My last blood test results were reviewed and he informed me my testosterone levels were ‘through the floor and that I would be a good candidate for TRT therapy’. I was happy to proceed and started a course of treatment soon after.

The results have been truly spectacular! Within 3 months I have more energy, a more positive outlook and a high sex drive. I have started working out at the gym like I used to when younger, I feel terrific and have my life back.

Thank God for Drs like Rob, that are willing to look outside mainstream thinking and really try and help, not just push pills at you and tell you its all in your mind. I intend to stay on TRT for as long as possible and hope men of all ages seek help if they have symptoms like mine.

As men, I suppose we don’t like to think we can have hormone problems, but we can and do and I am proof that there is treatment available from Preventative Health Doctors and that it really works.

Thanks once again Dr Stevens and team.