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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Adam, 36

May 2019

I have only been with TMHC for 6 months, but my TRT journey is now in its 6th year and I can honestly say for the first time I actually feel like the future is bright.

I could write for a long time about how the NHS failed me, even a private Endo felt that a reading of 4.9 nmol/L following up by 7.6 was perfectly normal for a man of 29 but what I really want to stress is that even when you do realise there is help out there, that all is not as it seems.

Dr Stevens is actually the first Dr I have been under the full-time care of. Prior to this, I had experience of two ‘Providers’ and I use that term because that is exactly what they were. It would not be appropriate for me to discuss in detail about other people here but I can talk with experience when I say that the level of care you will receive with TMHC does not even deserve to be compared.

There are two areas in which I believe there is a huge difference.  Firstly, you are dealing with a real Dr, every time. Even when I was under the care of a very professional provider, the aftercare between appointments was often guess work and this is not the way to manage such a complex condition. The other factor here for me is the consistency of dealing with the same Dr who learns and adapts your programme to the smallest detail.  Secondly and as important, is the level of care and service. When I first contacted TMHC I thought the same as a lot of you will – “Wow, why is the appointment that long?” “Why do I have to wait so long?” “If the appointment is that much, will I afford the treatment?”

I am so glad I still attended. Within 5 minutes with Dr Stevens I felts somebody wanted to learn about me. I’d seen a total of 5 Dr’s up to this point but finally somebody was investing the time…90 minutes flew by. I learnt about TRT, I laughed, I felt normal!

I left that first session clear on my protocol and we even did my first injections… bearing in mind I’d been on TRT for months before that I really had no idea.

Since that first appointment we’ve had the required follow up and we are already tweaking my programme with another blood test just done and some more changes to come.

Joining TMHC is the best decision I could have made and I continue to make progress – long may it continue.