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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Abdullah, 24

May, 2019

I started my journey with testosterone therapy exactly one year ago, at 23 years old.  I suffered from most of the symptoms; low energy, fatigue, my libido was sub-par.  I was tired even with over 8 hours of sleep a night, but those symptoms were not the ones that got me to investigate further, it was the depression, anxiety and a confidence drop which lead me to a very dark place, I lost all hope until I started digging.

I educated myself on testosterone and testosterone therapy and everything around it.  I listened to podcasts, read books, watched videos and researched online as much as I could.  I went through 8 different doctors who refused to prescribe me, or even asses me due to my levels being within range, but no where near where they should be for my age.  All my symptoms were ignored, I was told by multiple doctors that “it was all in my head,” I left doctors offices feeling insulted, with my last words to them being “go f*** yourself”.

Eventually this lead me to a private clinic, the doctor agreed my levels were low for my age and was ready to listen to me about my symptoms.  I was eventually prescribed 1ml of Sustanon 250 every 10 days, although this was very expensive and the doctors in most of the private clinics are not updated on testosterone therapy as they are in the US, within the first week I instantly felt better.  I eventually went with another provider for a more convenient price, I stayed on the same protocol and I felt about 60-70 percent of my normal self, I wanted more and I wanted to feel more balanced and I felt like I never was able to achieve that.

This lead me to further research and I discovered Dr. Stevens; I liked his approach and what he preached, so I booked a consultation.  Initially he put me on a way lower dose and added HCG which was alarming at first because once you find a solution and you come from that dark place, the last thing on earth you want to hear is to have it taken away or tampered with. The first month I felt like s**t, but Dr.Stevens assured me it would take time and to just be patient. I dealt with it and with a few adjustments to my protocol I feel absolutely amazing.  I went from 60 percent to 90 instantly and I am still improving. I am on the lowest dose of testosterone I have ever been on since starting and my levels are the highest and I feel the best.

It’s nice to have my old-self back again and actually feel my age.  I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle and ate well and trained hard but with sub-par levels you see no return on the investment.  Now I am able to progress in the gym again, I am in the best shape of my life and in the best place I have ever been mentally and I owe that to Dr. Stevens.  He understands what goes into TRT because he is passionate about it and you can’t fake it as it shows in the level of care he gives to his patients.  All in all, I am the best I’ve been in years and on my way to being the best I’ve ever been, and that would have not been achieved without Dr. Stevens and the Men’s Health Clinic.