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Personality Goes A Long Way…

| By: Dr Robert Stevens

So…  What is the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of personality?

“The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character”

Lively, engaging qualities”

This blog may not go down too well with Andy Murray and his faithful allegiance of supporters.  It’s not meant to be a personal attack or cause offence, but simply to make a point that I think is worth making.  Hopefully you will see a point to it, we are all entitled to opinions and we must all respect the importance of freedom of speech.  Opinions are merely expressions of thought, the purpose of which may not be to influence or indoctrinate a fixed belief, but instead to provoke further thought.  It may also just be a wind up, I’m not saying…

“I wouldn’t go so far as to call a dog filthy but they’re definitely dirty.  But, a dog’s got personality.  Personality goes a long way.” ~ Pulp Fiction

So, what has caused me to write this little rant?  I’m kind of horrified that Andy Murray has won Sports Personality of the year for the third time!

Surely one needs a personality to win ‘Sports Personality of the Year’. Ouch!  Did I just say that?  I don’t know Andy, I’m sure he’s a good man.  I’m sure he loves and is loved, a man of good character and standing.  He is patron saint for the World Wildlife Fund so kudos to him, being a fellow animal lover I have nothing but admiration and praise for someone who would support such a worthy cause.  Animals are nicer than people anyway.

Having just watched his acceptance speech which could only be described in one word as ‘awkward’, I can only assume he is extremely uncomfortable being interviewed and this is something that, despite having worked on it, he remains for want of a better word ‘robot’ and ‘inanimate’.  If he could crack a genuine smile, I think I’d listen out for the coming of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

His sporting accomplishments over the past year have been incredible.  The years of hard work, dedication, continued drive and determination needed to succeed well deserves recognition and praise.  Congratulations Andy Murray, you have done Scotland proud!

You may think I’m a cold-hearted cynic.  This may in-part be fuelled by sleep deprivation as I injured my neck doing ‘ego’ sled pushes two weeks ago, so it’s my own fault.  It’s currently 05:00, so instead or being tucked up in bed, I’m either being grumpy or I’m being mischievous, I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Watching his acceptance speech reminded me of Gordon Brown’s infamous ‘fake smile’ interview that sparked a thousand parodies.  Is it only me?  Am I missing something?  Is there a PR agent behind the camera lens saying “Smile Andy & don’t forget you’re British not Scottish, be more ‘normal’”.

Normally, I honestly couldn’t care less who wins Sports Personality of the Year, but I’ve got my knickers in a twist this year.  Having witnessed what was one of the greatest moments in sporting history, how could you not give it to Alastair Brownlee for compromising his race to aid his brother across the finish line in the the World Triathlon Series in Cozumel, Mexico this year?

A truly heroic act.  This is the definition of sportsmanship.  Much like that touching moment when Derek Redmond’s father came to help him finish the 400m race after his hamstring gave out at the 1992 Olympic games.  These moments are extraordinary, these are the moments that make you wonder at the generosity of the human spirit.  I don’t mind admitting, these moments made me cry.  Personality is more than this though, it isn’t one single act that defines you, it’s your true character, something that cannot be hidden, it shines through.  The back story to why Alistair went off ahead, how his brother knew that missing that last drinking station would cause his demise, he stopped because it was the right thing to do.  You just have to listen to the endless banter and abuse he has given Jonny in interviews subsequently, to understand that it meant everything, and it meant nothing.

Civilisation was built on an understanding that humans work better as a community, that the needs of the many should outweigh the needs of the individual.  Sports do not play into this ideology, however, they have a bonding and unifying quality that is hard to explain.  I’ve never understood how someone can be so passionate about a team they have absolutely no affiliation with?  But somehow that allegiance works.  Perhaps it doesn’t need explanation?  It unifies us and gives us a sense of belonging, something that is missing in this modern age of me, me, me.

I love sports, not football, real sports like rugby, fighting and motor racing.  What has become more apparent over recent years is the loss of the maverick, the loss of the rebel who is willing to risk everything for the reward of success.  I’m not sure if this is because people believe that to be truly great you must be professional in every single aspect of your life, not just the sport you participate in.

“Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it.  But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” ~ Vince Lombardi Jr.

The Formula One racing drivers are so sterile.  These days, Lewis Hamilton is considered a rebel! Ha ha!  What happened to the James Hunt’s of this world?  True characters, not corporate drones who fear loss of sponsorship deals for being themselves.  At least we have Moto GP, the likes of Valentino Rossi still putting a genuine smile on his face and ours, before, during and after the race.  The UFC has Conor McGregor, now a two weight world champion, he talks the talk and he walks the walk.  Cocky?  Yes.  Arrogant?  Yes.  Entertaining?  Hell yes!

Perhaps being a maverick is the way to go, perhaps stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks is what will make you great.  Sports are a unifying discipline that can bring people from different cultures together as one.

No self-respecting man wants to be Luke, he wants to be Hans.  I know I do.  Smile, kick ass and repeat.  The Men’s Health Clinic is here to give you that boost, that assurance you are firing on all cylinders.  From Well Man Health Checks to Hormone Replacement Therapy, our aim is to make you ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Dr. Robert Stevens MBChB MRCGP Dip.FIPT