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‘Mature Times’ Article

| By: Dr Robert Stevens

The philosophy behind Preventative Health Doctors is simple, we promote prevention over cure.  The fundamental elements of health include lifestyle, nutrition and exercise, we only use science to compliment this, not to replace it.  Achieving and maintaining health is a journey, not a destination. There is no quick fix, no magic pill; if you buy into that philosophy you will be sorely disappointed with the long term outcome.

There is still so much misinformation out there it is sometimes difficult to know where to turn, even the updated NHS Eat Well Plate is still out of date!  The health industry is big business, as with all businesses, it’s main motivation is money.  One of the ideas behind Preventative Health Doctors is providing a no nonsense ‘Ronseal’ like approach to healthcare, giving you full autonomy in the decisions you make about your health.

It is interesting, there’s still a lack of understanding regarding the role of hormones in health.  Especially with men, who have a ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it attitude’, but we are slowly coming round to the idea that there are things we can do to be healthy, fit and active for as long as possible.  Education is key,  providing people with enough information so that they can be informed and confident in the decisions they make about their future health.

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