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Male menopause is real, claims controversial new study

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is a well-recognised medical condition and the importance of testosterone in men’s health is supported by valid statistical research. In Europe there are the Guidelines On Male Hypogonadism produced by the European Association of Urology. Here in the UK, we have the British Society of Sexual Medicine Guidelines, which are supported by the British Association of Urological Surgeons, British Association for Sexual Health & HIV, British Fertility Society, British Menopause Society, Royal College of physicians, Royal College of Pathologists & The Society for Endocrinology.

In females the term menopause means cessation of menstruation, essentially the ovaries fail and they are no longer fertile. This leads to hormonal dysregulation and a decline in oestrogen.  Males do not have a defined cut off period in their life cycles, when the testicles fail to produce testosterone.  It is also understood that the role of testosterone in men’s health, is far more wide ranging than that of solely maintaining fertility.

It is therefore incorrect to use the term Male Menopause when trying to describe the symptoms and signs associated with low testosterone, it is more appropriate to use the term Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome which has medical validity.