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Increase your sex drive and give your partner the attention she deserves

Are you struggling in bed?  Do you want a higher sex drive?

It’s probably not a question you thought you’d be asking.  You are not alone, there were 14,800 UK Google searches for ‘how to last longer in bed’ and 22,200 for ‘erectile dysfunction’ in the past two weeks.

Remember those happy carefree days when all you wanted was sex, sex, sex?  Looking back, you might have had a bad haircut, worn stupid looking clothes, listened to the antisocial music; but confidence exuded from every pore because your libido was through the roof and everything worked just fine!

Now you’re more concerned with just making it through the day without incident, your drive and energy has dwindled with the stresses and strains of everyday life, mounting responsibilities have meant your sex life has taken a back seat.  Your psychological and physical health has suffered as a consequence, and when you do make time your erection fails.  Sexual dysfunction can have serious detrimental effects on both your psychological well-being and potentially that of your relationship.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to bring back those carefree times, but surely there is still a place for a healthy sex life?

What goes wrong?

Sex is a basic instinct; it is however a rather complicated process.  Libido and sexual function are two separate entities if you will, libido is sexual desire and sexual function is the physical act of engaging in sexual intercourse.  Both need to be functioning, one can’t work without the other.  The ‘little blue pill’ does work, but it only works with a functioning libido.  You can want to ravage your partner but if your penis isn’t working because of a physical cause, then they will be left wanting and you frustrated.

There are many psychological factors that affect libido including stress, fatigue and mood; these all need to be addressed for a healthy sex life.  Hormones play a massive part in libido, whether they are affected as a result of these psychological factors, or there is dysfunction due to physical reasons.  Drugs, alcohol and certain medications can also affect your sex drive.

Testosterone is the male sex-hormone, it is an integral element in having a healthy libido and in sexual function.  Having a low testosterone will have a detrimental effect on both processes. Fortunately, low testosterone is a recognised medical condition and can be treated.  Here at the Men’s Health Clinic we specialise in addressing Late Onset Male Hypogonadism, this term is synonymous now with the Andropause and Male Menopause.  After commencing Testosterone Replacement Therapy you can normally start to see an improvement in three months for libido, and twelve months for sexual function.

Erections are a complex neurovascular process under hormonal control, so any alteration in cardiovascular status, neurology, or hormone levels can lead to failure, whether it be attaining a strong erection or ejaculating too quickly.

What can be done?

Fortunately, our understanding of the mechanisms involved in achieving an erection and ejaculation allow us to diagnose and treat most problems, or at least offer a treatment to allow sexual function. There are now effective treatments for both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Come and see us at the Men’s Health Clinic to see how we can help…