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Testosterone Replacement Therapy With The Men’s Health Clinic



Gold Standard TRT

At The Men’s Health Clinic, we strive to offer you what we consider to be the Gold Standard in Testosterone Replacement Therapy, at the most cost effective prices.  As a doctor-led CQC registered medical clinic, we can dispense your medication directly from clinic, thereby avoiding pharmacy and ‘middlemen’ mark-ups, a cost saving which can then be passed back on to you.

We have always been upfront, open and fully transparent about the costs of all services and treatment options that we provide.  There are no contracts, no monthly subscription fees, no hidden costs, no “case managers” or “coaches”, and no sales pitches.  Your dedicated clinician, supported by our admin team, is here to guide and support you every step of the way, channelling our vast experience and expertise into ensuring the best outcomes for our patients.

If you would like a full breakdown of all medication options offered by The Men’s Health Clinic, please get in touch by using our online contact form or by emailing us at

Further details on initial diagnostic blood testing and consultation fees can be found on our Order Your Blood Test and TRT Consultation webpages.  The diagnostic and treatment process at The Men’s Health Clinic is also summarised in our TRT Journey.



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