Nutrition Coaching

A Healthy Balanced Diet Is Fundamental To Maintaining Health & Fuelling Your Body

Helping You Navigate The World Of Contradictory Nutrition Advice To Determine What Changes Are Necessary For You And Your Unique Body


Personalised Support & Guidance

Our nutrition coaching programme is designed to support your TRT journey, combining the principles of up-to-date nutrition science with bespoke guidance and support to assist you in making dietary and lifestyle modifications that are specific to your individual needs.

Nutrition coaching is not a diet plan, a set of rules or a one-size fits-all prescription. Instead, we look at your unique body as a whole, with the understanding everyone reacts differently to stress, workload, emotions and environmental factors. Our coaching system focuses on the principles of how and why nutrition and lifestyle choices work, with a series of small, sustainable and progressive changes in daily habits, designed to help you to eat better, lose weight, improve energy levels, and enhance athletic performance.

Life in the 21st century can be hectic, stressful and confusing. Our aim is that you will have an in-depth understanding of your individual body’s needs in order to maintain and improve on your results at the end of the programme. With health being about so much more than what you put on your plate, our nutrition programme will provide you with the required knowledge to make informed choices in the following key areas:

  • How and when to fuel your body (understanding hunger, eating triggers, calories, your individual metabolism, macros, micros and other essential nutrients)
  • Optimising digestive function
  • Maximising rest and recovery
  • Minimising exposure to environmental toxins (including xenoestrogens)
  • Mitigating the impacts of stress and harnessing the power of the mind
  • Moving effectively for health and fitness
  • The importance of consistency


Our Philosophy

Being healthy and living your best life should be fun! Forget the endless lists of restrictions and let us provide you with the tools and accountability to create a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle in a way that is flexible, realistic and free of guilt and denial.

Nutrition Consultation

(60 Minutes)

During your initial consultation we will review your specific goals, concerns, current nutrition and exercise habits, lifestyle factors, medical history, and any medications which could be affecting your health.

The initial consultation will need to take place within the clinic in order that we can take a benchmark reading of your body composition using our medical-grade InBody 770 scanner, as well tape measurements and photographs as are relevant to your goals and needs. Please see the InBody UK FAQs page for further detail on how best to prepare for your scan.

We also offer the option to carry out blood testing, using a range of markers that show how the various body systems are functioning. From these, we can determine which are the priority areas to be addressed.


Consultation Price:  £TBD + Optional Blood Tests

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3 Month Athletic Performance Programme

Coming Soon…

Programme Price:  £TBD + Recommended Supplements

(First Month Included In Initial Consultation Fee)

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12 Month Body Transformation Programme

For clients looking for weight loss to improve health and decrease aromatisation, we offer a 12-month, customised body transformation programme. Covering all aspects of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management, the programme is based around a manageable set of eating and lifestyle habits, with ongoing support and personal accountability to keep you consistent and on-track.

The programme fee includes a weekly 15-minute check-in via Skype and access to anytime coaching support via our programme software. Measurements and photographs will need to be repeated at home on a fortnightly basis in order to track progress, with body composition and optional blood work analysis being repeated on a quarterly basis (see below for further details).

The 12-month transformation programme is also suitable for anyone looking to improve athletic performance but are lacking in the required consistency to achieve sustainable results. It is not intended for bodybuilders, fitness models or professional athletes, or anyone who rarely struggles with consistency or already has sufficient accountability.

Programme Price:  £TBD + Recommended Supplements

(First Month Included In Initial Consultation Fee)

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