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Health Check: Are bald men more virile?

| By: Dr Robert Stevens

There’s not much to look forward to as we age. Your testosterone levels decline, causing a whole host of problems including a low libido and mood, a decline in cognitive function and concentration levels, poor sexual function, we get weaker and fatter, and we are at increased risk of chronic diseases.

There is some good news though, most men will look in the mirror at some stage and reflect on their once healthy head of hair, but gain some assurance that despite this loss, their receding hairline is supposedly a sign of virility.

Unfortunately, the research surmised here stated that bald men were no more virile than their full headed counterparts, and that they had less sexual partners to boot; which is only bad news if you are single I suppose. Further bad news it seems is testosterone is the culprit.

Whilst there appears to be an association between testosterone and male pattern baldness, what is actually of more importance is how your hair follicles react to the presence of Dihydrotestosterone, one of the hormones produced when testosterone becomes bioavailable. It seems counterintuitive to try and decrease the hormone that is keeping you healthy to preserve a few hairs on your head.

It is important to try and maintain healthy testosterone level for as long as possible through adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating well and engaging in regular exercise, but sometimes that is not enough.  The utilisation of bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy to manage Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome will restore your levels to that of a healthy man.

The psychological and physical benefits of having a healthy testosterone level far outweigh that of accepting a low testosterone and the potential for a receding hairline.

Some good news, if you are concerned about male pattern baldness, treatments are available here at the Men’s Health Clinic that do not interfere with your bioavailable testosterone levels, book your Men’s Health Consultation today…