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Low Testosterone Can Be Linked To Depression & Suicidal Thoughts




“TRT is not a cure-all, I still get tired and experience highs and lows – like a normal person, but that’s all I wanted to be.”  –  John, 29


The Men’s Health Clinic is proud to be partnered with Medichecks to raise awareness of the importance of testosterone in mental well-being.  We are supporting The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) who are leading the movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. All proceeds from the campaign will be donated to CALM.


Why do we need to take action?  Why do we need to think outside the box?

The following data has been taken from the Men’s Health Forum:

  • ¾ of all suicides are by men.
  • Suicide kills more men under 35 than any other cause.
  • More than 1 in 10 men have a mental health problem.
  • Men are more likely to use illicit drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism for mental illness.
  • Men are more reluctant to engage in talking therapies than women, only 1/3 of referrals to Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies in 2016/17 were from men.


Currently, testosterone levels are not routinely tested when men present to their doctors with symptoms of depression, anxiety or depersonalisation.  This needs to change.


We run a closed Facebook group, ‘TRT in the UK’, with over 1000 members who were recently asked the question, “What effect has Testosterone Replacement Therapy had on your mental well-being?”.  This was the result:



What is the association of low testosterone with men’s mental health?

Low testosterone can be linked to symptoms of depression, anxiety and depersonalisation.  For more information please take five minutes and have a read of – TRT – The New Male Antidepressant.


Why didn’t your doctor consider low testosterone as a possible cause for your depression?

The importance of testosterone in psychological and physical health has been largely ignored by traditional medicine, which concentrates on a curative rather than preventative model.


What can I do to help myself?

The foundations of health are lifestyle, nutrition and exercise.  Here is a guide to addressing those foundations – The 10 Testosterone Commandments.


How do you get Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the UK?

You need to confirm the diagnosis with your doctor.  We have created a guide to help you through the process which can be found here.


What are we trying to achieve with this campaign?

The #ChooseTRT campaign has four main objectives:


  1. To actively encourage ALL men struggling with depression, anxiety and depersonalisation to have their testosterone levels measured. Medichecks are offering a substantial discount on their low testosterone screening test.  Use the code ‘ChooseTRT’ in the promo box to activate the discount.  For every test ordered, £2 will be donated to CALM.
  2. To increase awareness and understanding of the importance of hormonal health in mental well-being.
  3. To improve access to safe and effective care
  4. To implement a national screening program for low testosterone in mental health.  If we can gather enough data, we can present it to the NHS to affect a positive change for everyone.


How are we going to achieve our goal?

We can’t do it on our own.  We need your help…


  • See if you have a deficiency. Get yourselves tested either through your GP or an online company such as Medichecks.
  • If you’ve already started on the road to recovery with Testosterone Replacement Therapy, share your story.  Your story could be the difference between someone reaching out for help or not.  Simply email with the subject header ‘My Story – #ChooseTRT’.
  • Information is power so please share #ChooseTRT everywhere; timelines, stories, groups, business pages…  Let’s work together in spreading the word.
  • Buy your exclusive campaign t-shirt HERE.  We want photos, lots of photos, whatever you are doing, wherever you are in the world, this is your chance to spread the word.  Email your photos to and we will add them to the bottom of this page.  You never know, we may even end up with a few famous faces!


Together we can affect a positive change for EVERYONE.  It’s time to take testosterone seriously.



Dr Robert Stevens MBChB MRCGP Dip.FIPT

March 2019

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