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Sex Hormones & Depression: A Part Of The Puzzle

It’s the age-old question…  What came first, the chicken or the egg?  Let me rephrase this, depression or hypogonadism?  We know that there’s a strong link between the two; hypogonadism can increase the risk of depression, and depression can increase the risk of hypogonadism.  It’s one that needs more attention, especially as depression is multi-factorial … Continued

May 19, 2020

The Benefits of ‘Normal’ Testosterone Levels

The human body is a highly sophisticated organism, it has the capacity for change, yet has complex physiological mechanisms in place that are dedicated to maintaining a constant internal environment, despite external change.  This process is called Homeostasis.  It is important to appreciate that contrast is necessary to maintain this state of equilibrium. Anabolic processes … Continued

The Endocrine System & Sleep

Humans, and many other animals, physiologically need enough sleep. Sleep is essential for us, as anyone with sleep deprivation can attest to. The detrimental long-term effects of sleep deprivation have been made into common knowledge by media and health organisations across the world. But while you may know that not enough sleep is bad for … Continued

Stress & Testosterone

In this piece, I’ll be talking about the relationships between testosterone and stress.  We’ll explore questions such as: Does stress lower testosterone? What is stress? Is stress catabolic – Are stress hormones killing my gains?! How do stress and testosterone relate?   What Really is Stress? Everybody has experienced some form of stress in their … Continued