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The Importance of Knowing Where You Have Been, Where You Are and Where You Are Going…

Health Check: Are bald men more virile?

There’s not much to look forward to as we age. Your testosterone levels decline, causing a whole host of problems including a low libido and mood, a decline in cognitive function and concentration levels, poor sexual function, we get weaker and fatter, and we are at increased risk of chronic diseases. There is some good … Continued

Are you testosterone deficient?

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is an underdiagnosed condition here in the UK, often attributed to normal aging.  If you have low testosterone, your doctor should be adhering to the BSSM guidelines.  Here at the Men’s Health Clinic, we specialise in the diagnosis and management of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, putting you back in the driving seat, regarding … Continued

December 26, 2015

Male menopause is real, claims controversial new study

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is a well-recognised medical condition and the importance of testosterone in men’s health is supported by valid statistical research. In Europe there are the Guidelines On Male Hypogonadism produced by the European Association of Urology. Here in the UK, we have the British Society of Sexual Medicine Guidelines, which are supported by … Continued

Could testosterone HRT help treat the male menopause: Therapy should be provided as men also suffer hot flushes and low libido once they pass 50

Total Testosterone levels drop with age, Sex Hormone Globulin levels increase with age. This means that as you get older you have significantly less bioavailable testosterone. The age of 50 is an arbitrary number, you can have symptoms and signs of low testosterone from the age of 30. I don’t subscribe to the Daily Fail, … Continued